Reviews of Small Concentrators - LifeChoice vs. AirSep Freestyle 5

The smallest portable oxygen concentrators might not be capable of delivering the same amount of oxygen as the larger ones, but they can be exactly what some people need to get their blood oxygen levels up to normal. If you only need a pulse dose of oxygen between 1 to 3 LMP, then there are two very small portable oxygen concentrators that might be perfect for you.

AirSep Freestyle

This portable model is only 4.9 pounds with the battery and is one of the smallest portable oxygen concentrators on the market, at 6.1 inches wide by 8.6 inches high by 3.6 inches deep. It's size and weight make it perfect for using during physical activity and travel. Let's here what one of our happy customers have to say about his experience with the Freestyle.

“I used to only have a home oxygen concentrator. I got it years ago, not long after I was diagnosed with emphysema. It still works fine, but my doctor was telling me I needed to get more physical activity despite my condition, because my heart and circulation were beginning to suffer from my sedentary lifestyle. I quickly got bored with riding my stationary bicycle in my bedroom while I was hooked up to my home concentrator, and I wanted to ride my old bike around my neighborhood. I missed going for walks with my wife too, especially in the summer time by the lake.

I finally decided to dip into my savings and go shopping for a portable oxygen concentrator that I could use while I was exercising, or while I was out and about. When I came across the Freestyle, I couldn't believe how small it was. Nobody really notices it, including me a lot of the time! I have a good 2 hours of 100% mobility on one battery, and that's on the highest setting, which is what I needed. It was exactly what I needed and I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it. The freedom I have now was definitely worth it.”

LifeChoice Manufactured by Inova Labs

This 4.8 pound concentrator is much like the Freestyle as far as weight, size (7.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches high by 3.125 inches deep) and battery life, but it has a few special features that might be ideal for some people, like this customer who was having difficulty while she was sleeping.

“I can't tell you how happy I am that I broke down and bought this little oxygen concentrator. I was having a hard time with waking up in the middle of the night because I wasn't getting enough oxygen with my older concentrator. I would breathe differently while I slept than while I was awake, in a way that drastically changed how much oxygen I was breathing in.

The LifeChoice changes the flow during my breathing cycle while I'm sleeping, so that I'm still getting the amount of oxygen I need. I don't think any of the other portable concentrators do that! I also love that I can slip it into its trendy little carry bag, and it just looks like I'm carrying a purse around with me, instead of a big machine.”

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