Respironics SimplyGo Mini vs. AirSep Focus Concentrator Comparison

Choosing the right portable oxygen concentrator for you is an important decision. If you require supplemental oxygen therapy, you will depend on your concentrator to deliver oxygen consistently and reliably. But there are many factors to consider. Is the unit durable? What’s the battery life? Can it provide enough oxygen to meet your needs? Let’s take a look and compare the many features of the Philips Respironics SimplyGo Mini and the AirSep Focus to help determine which best suits your needs.

As for size, the SimplyGo Mini is tiny at less than 10 inches in all dimensions and under 6 pounds. It provides pulse flow oxygen at a choice of 5 settings, up to a maximum of 1000 mL/minute. The battery life is also generous at around 4.5 hours. The unit is covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, except for the sieve beds which are guaranteed for 1 year. The Mini was designed to be rugged with a reinforced casing to stand up to an active lifestyle. While operating, it only generates a quiet 43 decibels of noise.

In contrast, the Focus by AirSep redefines lightweight at less than 2 pounds. It’s also less than 7 inches in size. The battery life, at 3 hours, is indeed impressive. Also, the Focus only offers a single pulse oxygen setting. The unit comes with a 3-year warranty with a 1-year warranty on accessories. Additionally, the Focus is fully FAA approved for use on passenger flights. It’s an extremely quiet machine, with a noise output of 41 decibels.

In conclusion, there is no portable oxygen concentrator out there that can beat the Focus in the size department. It’s simply the lightest and smallest unit available. It also has FAA approval for in-flight use. However, while the two oxygen concentrators are practically tied for noise output, the SimplyGo outclasses the Focus as far as battery life, oxygen delivery dose options, and durability.

Side-by-Side Unit Comparison

8.3 inches Wide x 3.6 inch Deep x 9.4 inches High with standard battery
4.8 inches Wide x 2.5 inches Long x 6.4 inches High

5 pounds with standard battery
1.75 pounds

Oxygen Delivery
Pulse Dose: 1 to 5 setting
Pulse Dose: 1 to 2 setting

Battery Duration
Up to 4.5 hours
3 hours

Battery Charging Time
About 4 hours from 0% charge to 100%.
Approximately 4 hours

Noise Level
Around 43 decibels at a setting of 2
41 decibels

Maximum Oxygen Output
1000 ml/min
330 ml/min

FAA Approved

3 Year Warranty on Unit, 90 Day Warranty on Accessories
3 Year Warranty on Unit, 90 Day Warranty on Accessories

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  • Pat Castin

    I'm interested in buying the Airsep Focus Miniature Portable Oxygen Concentrator, can you tell me the price, and does it require a prescription,

    • Sanket Jain

      Yes, all oxygen concentrators require a prescription for purchase. Our Oxygen Specialist would be happy to help you out with your requirements. Please give us a call at 877-644-4581.


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