Respirionics Homelox Golox Reviews

This machine is not an oxygen concentrator, but it does create it's own liquid oxygen, making it a huge convenience and a great investment, for those who need a high flow of oxygen on a regular basis. Instead of having to order liquid oxygen and worry about refilling tanks, you can just make it in your own home.

The Homelox is the large, 100 lb machine that generates its own stores of liquid oxygen, and the Golox is the 4 pound “tank” that you bring with you wherever you need to go to use your oxygen. You can bypass all of the problems that come along with using liquid oxygen, and it can hold 0.9 lbs of liquid oxygen, which is the gaseous equivalent to 308 liters. Many of our customers who have let us know how pleased they are with the Homelox system.

Here are some customer reviews of the Respironics HomeLox/GoLox:

“I was so glad when I found out I was able to get the Homelox and Golox. I was afraid the Golox wouldn't be able to provide me with the amount of oxygen I need, but I'm grateful that it does. I also couldn't believe how light it is, even after it's filled with liquid oxygen. I mean, I know that liquid oxygen is pretty light, but I wasn't expecting the Golox itself to be so small and light, having being accustomed to tanks. I'm also happy with how long I can stay out without worrying about running out, or having to charge anything. There is no battery to recharge! It gives me nearly a full day of total freedom after only having to wait less than a minute for it to fill up! It takes less time to fill up than it takes for my coffee to brew in the morning. I'm very happy with my Homelox.” - Harvey

“When I pictured the Homelox being delivered to my home, I was a little apprehensive to have a monstrosity making noise to make liquid oxygen. I was happy to see that when it was delivered by your white glove delivery service, it wasn't as big or as noisy or obnoxious as I thought it would be. I even had room to have it put in my bedroom, out of the way of the rest of the house. I was planning to have it put in my dining room, where I had a bunch of space cleared for it, but seeing its size with my own eyes, I was happy to see that it could actually fit in my room after all. It's nice to be able to make my own liquid oxygen so quick in the morning after I roll out of bed.” - Vern

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