ResMed Products Customer Reviews

ResMed makes some of the best products in CPAP and BiPAP machines and accessories. Here is a collection of what some of our customers had to say about them.

ResMed S9 Escape CPAP

“I used to have such a hard time with my old CPAP machine, even though I had it for over a year. It was the tubing weighing down against me as I was trying to sleep that was irritating me. The air pressure always seemed to be like too much, even after my doctor adjusted things. I was starting to think I just couldn't use a CPAP machine to treat my sleep apnea. So I stopped using it and I started to feel awful during the day. I went to another doctor and he told me about the S9 Escape, and I read about it. I'm really glad I went ahead and go this with the slimline tubing! The machine somehow gives me just enough air without it feeling like too much and the tubing is so light!” - Maryanne G.

ResMed S9 VPAP S Bi-Level with H5i

“The features on this thing make it so worth the cost. If you use a lesser BiPAP machine, you can see the difference in just one night of using it. The easy breathe feature almost makes it feel like you're not using a machine at night, the transition pressure from inhale to exhale is so smooth and just perfect. It only took a few nights and my doctor was able to help me adjust the settings to where it works seamlessly with my own breathing pattern. This BiPAP machine is like magic!” - Chris N.

ResMed Mirage FX Nasal CPAP Mask and Headgear

“I used to get a big, embarrassing and annoying red mark across my face in the morning when I took off my old mask. I thought that was just something I would have to put up with while using a CPAP machine and a mask. Then I found this mask on your website and thankfully, I most just breathe through my nose at night! I couldn't believe how comfortable it was, and no big red mark! Thanks!”
- Melissa J.

ResMed Quattro FX Full Face Mask with Headgear

“The straps on my headgear from before would drive me nuts. It was very scratchy and stiff! The straps on this one are nice and soft and still stretch just enough. So much more comfortable.”
- Joey V.

“I can move around like normal without getting a stiff neck in this mask. It lets me turn my head in my sleep like normal and just goes along with my movements. It's about time!” - Lela B.

ResMed H5i Water Standard Chamber

“I stocked up on a few of these water chambers. It's convenient to be able to just grab the next one after 3 months without having to order another one and wait! It's also nice because I only need to use them during the winter, because that's the only time when my throat gets too dry at night.” - Midge W.

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