Renting a Sequal Eclipse 5 With AutoSAT

The Eclipse 5 is the latest and best new model in the Eclipse line from Sequal. It takes all the great qualities from the previous model the Eclipse 3 (it's so much better that they skipped 4!) – the many settings and features for versatility and safety, as well as relatively light weight and small size for such a powerful machine.

It brings along the great feature patented by Sequal – AutoSAT technology. What does this mean for oxygen users? It means the Eclipse 5 will more quickly and accurately adapt to any subtle changes in your breath rate. “Auto SAT” is just short term that refers to how it automatically makes sure you are always saturated with oxygen, the way you're supposed to be.

This is important for those who need to use their oxygen therapy for many hours of the day, while they do many different activities that causes breath rate to fluctuate – exercise or any physical movement outside of casual walking, sleeping, participating in a lively conversation, or singing karaoke. If you need to rent a portable oxygen concentrator that you'll be using pretty much all day, then renting the Sequal Eclipse 5 with AutoSAT would be your best option.

The Sequal Eclipse 5 has another great feature that it's predecessors didn't have. The ability to charge and run at the same time on DC power, on any setting. Even though the Eclipse 5 is more powerful, its improved system makes it completely safe to charge and run in the car or other motor vehicle on DC power, just like you can on AC power. Before, you would quickly drain the car's battery, or it just wouldn't allow it. If you plan on traveling by car at any time during when you would need to use your rental, this is another great reason to rent the Eclipse 5.

Renting the SeQual Eclipse with the AutoSAT feature works just the same way as with any other rental package. You would choose the Eclipse 5, and you would then choose up to 4 batteries to rent along with it, per day or per week.

You'll need to present the prescription from your doctor so we can make sure the Eclipse 5 will meet your individual oxygen needs. Just like the Eclipse 3, the Eclipse 5 with AutoSAT has the continuous flow settings of 1, 2 and 3 LPM (liters per minute), and pulse dose settings between 16 ml/min (milliliters per minute) and 192 in 16 ml increments. As long as your prescription is within these settings, you'll be able to rent the Eclipse 5.

Just make sure you put in your rental order at least 3 days before you'll need it, and we can have it to your doorstep in 24 hours. This will give you time to use it and get aquainted with it before your trip. It will also come with all of the accessories you'll need to use it – a mobile cart, AC/DC adapter, accessory bag, cannula, manual, and of course all the batteries that you added to the package.

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