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Get all the latest news that has to do with oxygen therapy and lung diseases, as soon as it hits the presses. We help you stay informed on all the important issues that affect you, whether you have COPD, use oxygen therapy, or any other lung disease. Find all the most recent news about American Medical as well, here on our blog.
  • Alternative Ways to Pay for an Oxygen Concentrator

    Paying for oxygen therapy equipment shouldn't be a painful process. Here, we will help walk you through some of the payment methods that we offer at Oxygen Concentrator Store. Oxygen concentrators can be pricey, depending on the type and the model, as well as the features and settings. A stationary oxygen concentrator will cost much less than a portable oxygen concentrator.

    Either way you slice it, you will be saving money in the lung run, because you won't need to order oxygen refills. Oxygen concentrators might be on the costly side because of their technology that filters the oxygen within the machine itself, but you will no longer have to purchase or bother with purchasing the oxygen you need. It's always there in the air around you, available to you through the oxygen concentrator.

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  • Then and Now – Oxygen Improvements Over the Years

    As with all medical science and technology, we have seen huge improvements in the way prescribed oxygen has been able to help those who need it. Even in the year, we've seen significant improvements and new innovations in oxygen concentrators that are now widely available to oxygen therapy patients. The exciting newest oxygen concentrators have some new and even seemingly subtle tweaks, but these changes have brought an even bigger amount of convenience to patients and physicians alike.

    The newest and most innovative oxygen concentrators would be the SimplyFlo by Respirionics and the SeQual Equinox. Each year manufacturers come up with something different that trumps the previous releases, even in a small way.

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  • Protect Yourself This Spring from Allergies and COPD Flareups

    Unfortunately, when the weather starts to warm up, many of us can't celebrate the way others normally do. Those with allergies can feel the onset of spring right in their sinuses, and that can be very bad news for oxygen therapy patients who also suffer from spring allergies. However, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself this spring, so you won't need to suffer or risk your allergies turning into something much worse.

    Allergic rhinitis, or the allergy symptoms effecting the nose, can make a very negative impact on the lungs and the rest of the pulmonary tract. Those with asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) who also have allergies, can attest that whenever their allergies start to rear its ugly head in the spring time, they can also feel their lungs becoming more irritated.

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  • Outdoor Exercise this Spring with COPD and Oxygen Therapy

    It's exciting that warmer weather is on its way all around the country. Cabin fever may have set in this winter, but now we can get out and feel more energized and alive in the fresh air and sunshine. Many people enjoy working out and getting physical activity in the outdoors, and can't stand trying to exercise inside on a treadmill or stationary bike. If you have COPD, it really is in your best interest to some exercise either way, and you can start today with your outdoor routine.

    First, you need to check with your doctor before you start doing anything fitness-wise that you haven't done before. He or she will give you the go ahead as long as you can physically handle it, and will most likely give you some advice based on your individual condition and needs. Many patients with COPD are benefited by being outside as long as there isn't a lot of pollution, and if you can get some light exercise.

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  • The Importance of Extra Batteries – Spring Battery Sale!

    At some point in your portable oxygen concentrator use, you will either need to replace the batteries you already have, or you will find yourself needing at least one extra battery. Batteries do have a shelf life, even among the most powerful and most long lasting portable oxygen concentrator batteries.

    It's extremely important for your batteries to be in good working order, and for you to have enough to last as long as you need. This is one big reason why we are holding a big Spring sale on EverGo, SimplyGo and Sequal Eclipse batteries! When you buy one, you can get another one at half price.

    The EverGo, SimplyGo and Sequal Eclipse are a few of our most popular portable oxygen concentrators that use external batteries to power them. They, along with a few other brands that we carry, can also be charged with a handy external battery charger.

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  • American Lung Association Hosts the 2014 Fight for Air Climb in Denver

    According to the website, The Fight for Air Fundraisers are really “a vertical road race”, where participants and teams can come together to raise money for the American Lung Association as well as meet another fitness goal.

    Just as with many other fund raising events for a medical cause or organization, athelets have the opportunity to contribute and pay tribute to those who cannot breathe properly, those with chronic diseases such as COPD or asthma, those with lung cancer, and future generations to have better medical technology to treat lung ailments.

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  • SeQual Equinox Offers More Freedom to Continuous Flow Oxygen Patients

    You will soon be able to take advantage of these technological advances with one of the newest continuous flow oxygen concentrator – the Sequal Equinox!

    This comes from the makers of our customer favorites in the smallest portable models in the industry – AirSep, as well as the maker of one of the best continuous flow concentrators, Sequal (makers of the popular Eclipse series). They combined the best of both worlds in the Sequal Equinox. It weighs just 14 lbs (with the battery) and features continuous flow settings up to 3 LPM (liters per minute), as well as pulse dose settings as high as 6.

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  • New Year New You – Customer Reviews on Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    It's now the start of a brand new year, and for many people, that means making some resolutions. For others, it just gives a general sense of freshness and new possibilities. After the hectic holiday season, January and the new year is a time of calm and making new plans. One of those plans might be to give yourself more freedom, to travel more, or to just be able to go out and explore your own town this year. A portable oxygen concentrator could be what you need to give you a whole new outlook on life.

    We've asked some of our past customers how getting their portable oxygen concentrators has made a difference in their lives and what they do now that they have one. Many of those who decide to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator have already been using a different form of oxygen therapy, while others jumped right into one after they were prescribed. If you're not sure if a portable oxygen concentrator is right for you, read on.

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  • New Year’s Resolutions – How to Start Feeling Healthier Tomorrow

    One simple New Years resolution that you can make is just to feel healthier. There are many things you can start doing today to help you feel healthier, and they work amazingly fast. You may wake up tomorrow feeling better than you did today!

    Quit Smoking

    It's amazing how quickly your body starts to bounce back after you've quit smoking. You will notice that your senses of smell and taste will become much stronger. The cough you may have, in the mornings especially, will start to decrease as your airways finish clearing out the tar that you've been breathing in. Electronic cigarettes that allow you to gradually decrease your nicotine intake are one popular method for quitting smoking. You could also try nicotine patches or gum. Keep your hand busy with other things while you are working on kicking the habit.

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  • National Mentoring Month – Being an Oxygen Therapy Mentor

    If you've been using oxygen therapy for a while, you've most likely gotten used to it and know the basic ins and outs of it. While it's not complicated and there isn't much you really have to know, using your new oxygen concentrator and needing to use oxygen therapy in general can take some getting used to. When you first started using oxygen therapy, you may have felt strange and maybe a little upset with the fact that you now are relying on a machine to do something for you that your lungs can no longer do sufficiently. This can be the hardest thing to get used to.

    Having someone to talk to in the beginning, beside a doctor who likely only covers the medical aspect of your diagnosis and prescription, can help you feel more comfortable with your new routine. Being able to relate to someone who also uses oxygen therapy can be nice, as well as having someone to answer general questions. Keep in mind that you should always double check medical things with your doctor before taking any major actions. Your oxygen therapy mentor is only there to relate to and to give moral support.

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