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Get all the latest news that has to do with oxygen therapy and lung diseases, as soon as it hits the presses. We help you stay informed on all the important issues that affect you, whether you have COPD, use oxygen therapy, or any other lung disease. Find all the most recent news about American Medical as well, here on our blog.
  • Coronavirus: What You Need To Know

    Since 2001, Oxygen Concentrator Store has been dedicated to promoting the health of individuals affected by COPD, emphysema, and other respiratory and lung conditions. As COVID-19, or Coronavirus, continues to spread across the U.S, Oxygen Concentrator Store is doubling down on our mission to help make life easier for individuals in need of oxygen therapy. We’ve compiled research from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization to help you better understand COVID-19, how it could affect you, and how to protect your health during these uncertain times.

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  • Our COVID-19 Response

    To the AMSR Community,

    We hope this note finds you and your family safe as the health crisis impacts the world and our communities. With the spread of this pandemic, we want you to know that there is no higher priority for us than the safety of you, the safety of your family, and the safety of our staff.

    As a result, we’re no longer open for walk in business. Customers should call us at 877.774.9271 and we will help schedule product delivery. Our main focus is to keep you and every member of our team feeling safe, healthy, and supported during these difficult times.

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  • February 2020 Oxygen Concentrator Store Reviews

    We know that our success depends on the satisfaction of our oxygen customers and that is why we strive to give every customer the highest shopping experience! We pride ourselves on educating new customers on oxygen solutions and providing post-shopping customer support.

    View a small selection of February 2020 Trustpilot Reviews that we have received from actual customers.

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  • Senior-Friendly Activities in Tucson

    Tucson is a booming desert city in Arizona. With a backdrop of mountains and a rich cultural scene, Tucson is a desirable region for people at all stages of life, including seniors. In fact, the senior population of Tucson has reached nearly 75,000. The city has implemented various programs and amenities to serve this growing community of older adults.

    From nature retreats to cultural centers, Tucson has much to offer seniors today. Below, you’ll find our top choices for senior-friendly activities.

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  • Oxygen for Dogs: Portable Oxygen Therapy for Our Canine Friends

    Using a portable oxygen therapy, or any oxygen therapy for your dog should be treated just like any kind of oxygen therapy that a human patient would use. A veterinarian would determine whether or not your dog would need oxygen therapy. If need be, he or she would prescribe the amount of oxygen your dog needs.

    You should never change your pet’s oxygen dosage without your vet telling you to, and you have to make sure that the oxygen is properly administered to your dog.

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  • Senior-Friendly Activities in New York

    As the largest city in the United States, New York City boasts a population of over 8 million. While this urban hub is bustling with people of all generations, many seniors are thriving as residents of the city. Everything from day-to-day necessities to social events to world-renowned arts and culture are within an arm’s reach in New York, making it an accessible place for older adults to call home.

    In a city like New York, seniors shouldn’t miss out on the many events and activities at their fingertips. So, read on to learn more about our top senior activities in the Big Apple!

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  • Senior-Friendly Activities in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is known for its vibrant tourism industry. But, seniors living in Las Vegas also have plenty of remarkable programs and activities at their disposal. From vibrant community social groups to scenic trails and stellar arts institutions, Las Vegas seniors can fill their schedules with ease.

    We rounded up a collection of senior-friendly activities in Las Vegas to suit a variety of interests. Whether you’re a senior looking to stay active, get involved, or learn a new skill in Las Vegas, we have you covered.

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  • Pulse vs. Continuous Flow

    When you're first prescribed oxygen by your doctor, you will likely discuss the various options available to fit your needs. One of the first determining factors in starting oxygen therapy is figuring out if you’ll need a pulse or continuous flowing oxygen unit. Perhaps you’ve heard your doctor use the phrase "pulse" and "continuous flow" but do you really understand what it means? How does it correlate with machine settings? What’s the difference between the two? Which one is right for you? Let's explore the differences below:

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  • Activities and Events For Reno Seniors

    Reno, Nevada is dubbed "The Biggest Little City in the World" for its small-town feel combined with a population of nearly 250,000 residents. Renoites are proudly connected to their community and the many attractions that it has to offer, with thousands of tourists pouring into the city all year round. But, despite the city’s buzzing touristry department, Reno is also committed to supporting their senior residents through special services and recreation.

    Seniors in Reno have access to many activities across the city. From staying fit and active to enjoying arts and culture, there’s no shortage of senior-friendly activities in Reno. So, here’s a selection of our favorites.

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  • Senior-Friendly Activities in Fort Lauderdale

    As a warm, sun-filled Florida city with a waterfront, Fort Lauderdale is a desirable community to settle down in. It’s also home to over 30,000 seniors and counting, with a plenitude of senior-friendly attractions available throughout the region.

    Supporting local culture, unique outdoor activities, and even top caliber senior centers are just a handful of ways that Fort Lauderdale is helping their senior residents stay active and engaged. Below, you’ll find a selection of Fort Lauderdale’s best activities for seniors. From museums to state parks to community recreation, this city gives senior community members a wide array of pastimes to enjoy.

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