Reading up on COPD – Ways to Stay Informed

Many people with chronic illness know how important it is to stay on top of the newest developments on what they've been diagnosed with. How else would you know about the last and best in medications? Or if experts just found out that the medication you've been taking might actually be harmful to you? How else will you know if they are getting close to coming up with a new treatment that may solve your problems?

You might be thinking that all you need to do is watch the news if you want to stay informed on any new developments, but it's true that the local and even the world news doesn't cover everything, especially not everything having to do with specific chronic diseases. You might hear about the bird flu, but you probably won't hear a thing about that new inhaler.

We do cover as much news on COPD and oxygen therapy as we can on our website, but there are many other things you can be reading to keep you up to date on COPD and oxygen therapy. Some of these news sources can be accessed for free, while others are periodicals that you will have to pay to subscribe to.


COPD Foundation, – This website has many resources, including a blog that covers events, news and a question and answer column that answers questions from readers. They also offer reading material to help inform patients or loved ones of patients about COPD.

COPD International
, – They provide a simple feed of COPD news from around the world. They also hold webinars (web seminars), offer resource material and a chat room, where you can talk to others who have COPD.

Boehringer Ingelheim, – A great source for medical news in general.

National Institutes of Health COPD Press Room, - Here, you can find news on events and everything else medical related and linked to COPD.

COPD Canada, – Updated each week with all the latest news from Canada on COPD research.

EFFORTS, – Offers information and a support group for people with emphysema. EFFORTS stands for Emphysema Foundation For Our Rights To Survive.

COPD Support Inc., - Provides information and support programs for people with COPD and their loved ones.

COPD Coalition, - They provide resources on events like Drive 4 COPD.

Magazines and Newsletters

COPD Digest, - This is a completely free publication for COPD patients. They also have a blog on their website.

Everything Respiratory, - This is a digital magazine that you can get digitally for free, which offers stories on people with lung conditions, and other helpful information.

Pulmonary Paper, – This is a paid subscription for becoming a member. This newsletter is delivered to your home. Be sure to sign up as an individual and not a health professional.

American Thoracic Society Journal, - These are monthly and they answer common questions that people usually have involving their COPD.

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