Purchasing Oxygen Supplies for Oxygen Concentrators

When you purchase an oxygen concentrator or another type of equipment there are other oxygen supplies that are helpful to operate the unit. These supplies include batteries, battery chargers, bags or backpacks, cannula, tubing and more. There are a few other key items you will need later on to keep your oxygen equipment running smoothly.

If you have the opportunity to stock up on oxygen supplies, you should definitely do so. If you have medicare or another insurance coverage, they will cover the cost of all the things you will need to receive your oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Batteries

You would need to get the batteries that are compatible with your particular portable model if you have a portable oxygen concentrator. These are one of the main supplies that come with a POC when you buy it, but most of the time, you will only receive one.

You can purchase or rent a special “battery package” that has more than one battery, and it would be cheaper than if you bought the POC package, plus an extra battery by itself later on. Depending on the model, you may be able to get an external battery pack, which you would carry around your waist, or a small one that you just plug into the concentrator for a longer battery duration.

Battery Chargers

In certain packages, they may even feature a battery charger. Again, getting a package that includes one of these with the concentrator itself will be cheaper than getting a charger by itself. These battery chargers are useful because they will charge your extra battery outside of the concentrator while the other battery is being used or charged at the same time.

If you didn't buy a package with an external charger, it's still easy to get one that is compatible with your model and its batteries. The external battery charger needs to be plugged into an AC outlet, so you would need to charge your batteries overnight, or while you aren't going out and about.

Mobile Carts

These are another necessity if you have one of the portable oxygen concentrators that are over 10 lbs. Most people would rather roll it around than carry it on their backs or at their sides, but there are always carry bags if you would rather do that.

The Sequal Eclipse and eQuinox are two examples of great portable oxygen concentrators that are usually used with a mobile cart. Mobile carts are very streamlined and lightweight, but still sturdy and easy to maneuver. The wheels are tall enough to keep your concentrator up away from things on the ground, and will absorb most of the shock on bumpy terrains.

Gross Particle Filters/Inlet Filter

This is one of the supplies you might need later, after a while of owning your oxygen concentrator. Check the owners manual for how to change or clean your filter. Filters are inexpensive and easy to change yourself.

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