Purchase Great Oxygen Concentrators Made Right Here in the United States

Not all great electronic devices are made overseas! It's disappointing to know that the money you spent on a wonderful device you needed did not go back into your own country's economy, and it happens all the time. Buying American made is a huge priority for many people, who will surpass something cheaper for something a little more expensive, simply because it was made in the USA.

This is important for the health of our country, and many more people should be mindful of where their products come from. We're proud to sell quality oxygen concentrators that are made right here in the United States. So what are the American made brands you should be looking for?

Inogen is one brand that makes a few of the best oxygen concentrators on the market today. The Inogen One G3 and the Inogen One G2 are both portable oxygen concentrators that are innovative and powerful enough to take with you wherever you need to go. These two Inogen concentrators feature 2 different sizes of batteries that are compatible with each machine, which is great if you begin to require more battery life.

Respirionics is another leading name in the oxygen concentrator industry. The Respirionics SimplyGo and EverGo are another two of the best portable oxygen concentrators, with powerful batteries. The SimplyGo's oxygen settings include both pulse dose and continuous flow, that range from 0.5 to 2 LPM in 0.5 increments, and pulse dose settings from 12 to 72 ml/min.

Respirionics also creates some great stationary oxygen concentrators, such as the EverFlo, which features settings from 0.5 to 5 LPM, and the tiny SimplyFlo, which is the size of a portable oxygen concentrator and offers the settings of 1 and 2 LPM.

Invacare is another top brand of great oxygen concentrators made in the USA, including the portable Invacare Solo, the XPO2, which can deliver pulse dose oxygen up to 900 ml/min and only weighs 7.3 lbs with the battery! Invacare also makes the stationary models the Perfecto 2, and the Platinum 10. The Perfecto 2 delivers 0.5 to 5 LPM and is small and relatively lightweight, and the powerful Platinum 10 only weighs 53 lbs and can deliver between 2 and 10 LPM.

AirSep is an American oxygen concentrator manufacturer that produces some of the best of the smallest portable oxygen concentrators, as well as some powerful stationary models. The Freestyle and Focus are under 5 lbs, and the Freestyle 5 weighs a whopping 6.6 lbs by itself. The batteries in these small portable oxygen concentrators can be supplemented by lightweight battery packs that only weigh 1 lb, and add a lot more battery life. AirSep also creates the stationary Visionaire 3, Visionaire 5 and the powerful Intensity 10. The Visionaires output a maximum of 3 LPM and 5 LPM respectively.

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