Used Oxygen Concentrators - Pros and Cons

You've figured out your budget for buying an oxygen concentrator, and maybe you came up a little short. We understand that our customers are hardworking people, people who have many other responsibilities in life. We don't want prices to stop you from getting the oxygen you need, with a great home or portable oxygen concentrator that will make things much more convenient for you.

The Pros – Why Getting a Used Model is Beneficial

Our used oxygen concentrators have been refurbished to be as good as new, but since they already have hours of wear and use, we offer them at a lower price than the brand new, never-been-used models. The hours of previous use will vary, but you can find out exactly how many by looking at each model listed, or by talking to one of our customer service reps – they will answer every question you have about our oxygen concentrators, specific details and pricing.

Since they do have have hours of use and have been refurbished, they are also covered by warranties on parts and labor for a certain amount of time. The parts and labor warranty periods will also vary depending on how old each concentrator is, so you will need to check this out for each available used concentrator.

An Example From Our Used Line-Up:

Used Invacare XPO2 – This portable oxygen concentrator is one of our customer favorites because of its light weight, range of pulse doses and quick-charging battery. It is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved to board an aircraft, but it can also travel to an altitude of 10,000 outside of an airplane and still work fine. This is a great oxygen concentrator for those who love to travel and explore, who may need oxygen in pulse doses over 3 LPM.

This particular concentrator has had over 257 hours of use, and the listed price includes the battery, ac and dc adapters, carry bag, manual, and cannula. This one gives the specific warranty end date until August 10th, 2014, and any repairs and new parts that it may need will be completely covered until that point. With the difference in price and the warranty, this would be a great choice for someone who wants the freedom of this portable model at a much lower price.

The Cons – Things You Should Consider

Some warranties are the same manufacturer warranties, which means they have the same expiration date. Even though the concentrator is new to you, the warranty will expire sooner for you, than if you would have purchased it new. This means you may need to pay out of pocket when it comes time for repairs and replacement parts.

Depending on the model, a used home concentrator may not be able to function up to full capacity. For example, a home model that should be able to put out up to 10 LPM can only function properly at a maximum of 7 LPM. Be sure to check that the used concentrator can meet your oxygen needs before taking anything else into consideration.

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