Product Overview of the Newly Released Respironics SimplyGo Mini

The SimplyGo Mini is Respironics's answer to the small portable oxygen concentrator demand in the oxygen therapy market. This lightweight and compact unit is exciting because it's also more powerful and effective than other small concentrators, and it offers more than one battery size option. The Simply Go offers more freedom to oxygen users than ever before.

Powerful and Pure Oxygen Delivery

Patients who need up to 1,000 ml/min of medical grade, pulse dose oxygen will find the SimplyGo as their best bet for receiving oxygen on the go. Being able to get the correct oxygen dosage is the most important factor when shopping for an oxygen concentrator, and the SimplyGo Mini delivers.

It offers 5 different settings, from 220 ml/min to 1,000 ml/min in 220 ml/min increments. Not only is it capable of giving a higher oxygen dosage, but it also offers a wider variety of settings than other small portable units.

Long-Lasting Battery with Two Options

Many of the newest portable oxygen concentrators offer 2 different battery sizes. This gives the patient more control over how long they go between recharges, and the option of allowing their concentrator to weigh less if they don't need an extended battery duration.

The SimplyGo Mini has a standard battery and extended battery. The extended battery has twice the duration time as the standard battery, weighs 1 lb more, and adds 1 inch to the height of the unit.

Those who need to use their oxygen therapy for many hours out of the day will find it worth it to get the extended battery. Oxygen therapy patients who only need it for a few hours each day might just want to use the standard battery, and not add the extra weight or height.

The standard battery will last for 4.5 hours on the setting of 2, and the extended battery will last for 9 hours. The standard battery will take up 4 hours to fully recharge, and the extended battery will take up to 8 hours. The battery can be charged in the unit on AC power, but the concentrator can also run on DC power.

User Convenience and Comfort

Comfort and convenience are two of the main winning traits of the SimplyGo Mini, besides its powerful oxygen output and long-lasting battery. Because it weighs only 5 lbs with the standard battery (6 lbs with the extended battery), it can be carried around with the adjustable carry bag.

The carry bag makes it easy to press buttons on the control panel, by way of a clear window at the top. You can also easily change the battery by opening the zipper compartment at the bottom, without having to take the concentrator out of the carry case.

The SimplyGo Mini is also approved for in-flight use to and from the United States, by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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