Portable Oxygen Concentrators Rentals in Tucson

As the second largest city in Arizona behind Phoenix, you can count on having plenty to do during a visit to the “Old Pueblo” city. To be able to get around while still getting the oxygen therapy you need, you can take advantage of our great portable oxygen concentrator rentals. Even if you don't need to fly into Tucson, and you only need to take a road trip, a portable oxygen concentrator will make your adventure so much easier than if you had to use refillable tanks.

All of our portable oxygen concentrators are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use during a flight, and they use the air around them to filter the oxygen for you to use. All you need to do is contact us with your prescription, and talk to one of our sales reps. Our knowledgeable and insightful staff members will help you select the rental package that would be best for you and your trip. Be sure to call the airline 2 weeks before your flight to find out their requirements for bringing an oxygen concentrator on board.

When you arrive in Tucson with your group, your travel buddy or by yourself, one of the main attractions you will want to check out is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. While you're hear in the heart of the Arizona desert, you should try to get the full desert experience and learn about this pretty and fascinating part of the country. April and October are the best months to visit Tucson, since the summer months can be brutally hot, which can be dangerous for people with COPD, or those using oxygen concentrators.

If you're not driving around town, you can count on being able to get where you need to go via public transportation. Just be sure to get a Sun Tran ticket before hand, and the Sun Tran buses will take you around the city. You will be able to easily get on and off any public transportation with your unit, and its carry bag or small, easy-to-maneuver cart.

Another great point of interest in Tucson, is the famous Saguaro National Park and its giant cacti. One of the largest is a saguaro cactus that stands 20 feet tall and weighs approximately 1 ton. Escape the heat of the day by seeing a show at the historic Rialto Theater, or take a tour through the Arizona State Museum. The Reid Park Zoo or the Tucson Botanical Gardens are great places to visit with your family. Just make sure you have plenty of battery life for the day, by charging all of your extra batteries to 100% before setting out.

When the sun goes down, head out for a night of live music, food and drinks at Plush, one of Tucson's best live music venues. For an upscale dining experience or a romantic night out with someone special, check out Hacienda Del Solo for some of the best wine and Southwestern cuisine in the area. Don't worry about the puffs of air from your concentrator bothering anyone – all of our them are usually quieter than your surroundings will be. Just relax and have fun on your trip!

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