Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Minneapolis

If you've been planning a trip to one of the Twin Cities (the other is St. Paul), or you've just been thinking about it, we completely understand. It's a great city to visit, especially if you love the arts and plenty of natural beauty with lakes and streams, which is perfect if you love to go boating or fishing.

It's not as glitzy as Las Vegas or quite as bustling as New York City, but you're bound to have a great time here, as long as you scope out the best attractions and plan ahead by renting one of our portable oxygen concentrators for your trip.

Whether you are flying in from across the country, or taking a road trip to get here, a portable oxygen concentrator will provide all the convenience, while delivering the oxygen you need to stay healthy. With the prescription from your doctor and your plans for your trip, we can help you choose the rental concentrator that will be best for you, and help you add as many batteries as you will need while you are traveling and exploring the city. Notify your airline 2 weeks before your flight, so you can bring what you need on the day of your departure. All of our portable oxygen concentrators are Federal Aviation Administration approved, and the great thing is, they won't count against your carry on limit.

Minneapolis is in a temperature part of the country, so the summers are perfect, the spring is rainy and winters can get pretty cold and snowy. Plan to visit during the summer or early fall, so you can enjoy as much time outside as possible biking, fishing, or generally enjoying nature throughout the parks and lakes that the Minneapolis area has in abundance.

If you are doing a lot of physical activity, you might want to get a pulse oximeter, which will give you a quick and easy reading of your blood oxygen level, to make sure it's safe and you aren't overexerting yourself, and to make sure you are indeed getting the amount of oxygen that you need.

For some culture and history, head over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, or Mill City Museum to learn about Minneapolis's place in history as a logging and water mill center of economic growth, back in the old days. If you have kids in tow, check out the shows playing at the Children's Theatre Company, or see a show with adults at Orpheum Theatre.

No matter where you go or how you get where you're going, you will have an easy time maneuver the lightweight wheel cart that comes with some of our portable rental oxygen concentrators. For lighter models, you may only need a carry bag or backpack, which is highly convenient for storing extra batteries.

If you're looking for a great and memorable place to eat, check out Hell's Kitchen, which features some great meal options and live music shows. Restaurant Alma and 112 Eatery are two of the more upscale, 4 star restaurants if you want to take a special someone out to eat. For a fun group night out, or to mingle with some locals, head over to Matt's Bar, or George and the Dragon.

Oxygen Rentals in Minneapolis

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