Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in San Francisco

The City by the Bay is definitely one of the most interesting and diverse cities in the United States, much like New York City, but with a whole different feel and flavor. San Francisco has something for everyone. If you use oxygen therapy and you'd like to tour this city, we can provide you with a portable oxygen concentrator rental that will fit your needs. It's important for you to get the oxygen you need while traveling, and that's our job. Your job is to make sure you make the most of your trip through this beautiful city.

To people who've never been here before, or don't know much about it, one of the main things this city is known for is the fog. Some mornings, the fog can be so thick over the city that it disrupts and slows down commutes and all kinds of plans for the day. Even in the summer, this fog from the Pacific ocean can cool the city down significantly, which is why some people call it "natural air conditioning", and sometimes it can go on for days at a time.

On average, San Francisco enjoys pleasant and mild temperatures throughout the year, with temperatures not going much higher than the mid 70s during the summer, and not much cooler than the lower 40s. Coming here during the summer might be your best bet for a great time, though. Because of the high amount of moisture in the air for most of the year, you will need to take caution with your breathing if you have COPD. A drop in temperature and a spike in humidity is often enough to make someone sick, and start an exacerbation. Be sure to check the weather before you go.

All of our portable oxygen concentrator rentals are approved by the FAA, so you can get on an airplane with them. Call your airline no less than 48 hours before your flight to notify them that you are bringing an oxygen concentrator with you. Don't forget to bring at least one extra battery, charged to 100% before your flight. Extra batteries and an external battery charger are good to have at any point during your trip, just in case you don't have time to sit and charge your concentrator, or if you experience travel delays.

Great public transportation is offered in this city, with cable cars, trolleys, the usual public transportation of cabs and buses, with great deals for people touring the city. If you have the family with you, check out the interactive science attractions at the Exploratorium, or ride the train or carousel at the San Francisco Zoo.

At night, go out on the town and meet the locals by going to great places like Biscuit and Blues for food, drinks and live music, or the nearest Hard Rock Cafe. It will be easy for you to move about, even with one of our bigger portable oxygen rentals, by using the model specific carry bag or cart that comes with each concentrator.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of take-it-easy time between your attractions – this ensures that you experience all the city has to offer, and opens you up for some spontaneous fun. Our convenient and speedy oxygen rental service also allows you to do just that.

Oxygen Rentals in San Francisco

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