Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Phoenix

Planning a journey to “Arizona's Urban Heart” can be pretty involved, since there is so much here to see and do. Arizona is an interesting and cultured desert land, and Phoenix is the heart of it all, with Native American history and a cowboy motif. Whether you are traveling from afar, or taking a weekend tour around the city you know best, our FAA approved portable oxygen rentals are waiting for your phone call.

Our sales representatives will help you choose the right portable oxygen concentrator for you, and it will arrive at your doorstep within just a few days. We make it easy and quick, since you should be concerning yourself more with planning your adventure!

When one thinks of Phoenix, Arizona, sweltering heat and cacti come to mind. The desert is a beautiful place, and you don't need to come here in the heat of the summer to get the desert experience. During the summer months, the temperatures easily climb into the triple digits, with the average high hovering around 105 degrees. If you have COPD, this would be hard on your health, as well as your oxygen concentrator. Most of our portable oxygen concentrators have a maximum operational temperature of 104. To be safe, you should plan your trip for March or November, when average temperatures are around the upper 70s and lower 80s.

Learn about Phoenix's Native American culture and history at the Heard Museum, or check out the modern art and fashion that the Phoenix Art Museum has to offer. The whole family will enjoy the safari train at the Phoenix Zoo. You can also take break from the city to Papago Park, where you can go hiking, fishing, or just enjoy nature and some fresh air. There is also the Deer Valley Rock Art Center, which is a nature preserve, as well as an archeological site and museum, because it features Native American rock art. Be sure to bring an extra, fully-charged battery or external battery pack, to make sure you can go about your day without worry about the charge on your concentrator.

You might also want to live some of the Phoenix nightlife while you're there. In that case, Char's Has the Blues is one of the most popular places in the city of food, drinks and live music. The crowd is diverse and fun, so you will be able to mingle with the lively locals of the city. For a rock and roll, sports bar atmosphere, go to Alice Cooper's Town.

No matter where you go in the city, you won't need to worry about your oxygen concentrator rental getting in the way or bothering anyone. All of our portable rental concentrators are less than 20 lbs, and no louder than a quiet conversation. Even if you stop at Silver Cinemas for a movie at a nicely discounted price, the soft sounds coming from your oxygen concentrator shouldn't be enough to disturb anyone.

Our services are here to make sure you are getting the oxygen you need, while not worrying about it, so you can concentrate on enjoying your trip.

Oxygen Rentals in Phoenix

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