Portable Oxygen Concentrators Under 10 Pounds

Here is a summary of the portable oxygen concentrators under ten pounds.

Freestyle 5

The Freestyle 5 is only 6.2 lbs and is small enough to carry at your side just like a handbag. It can also deliver up to 750 ml per minute of oxygen, and is considered a high capacity portable concentrator despite the fact that it's one of the small ones that don't require a mobile cart. Its dimensions are 4.4 inches wide, 10.7 inches high and 11.2 inches deep. It also has pulse dose settings between 1 and 5.

The internal battery lasts for around 1 hour on the highest setting, and around 5 hours on the lowest setting, give or take a few hours for the settings in between. Just give it around 3.5 hours while plugged into a power source to charge it back from 0% to 100%. You can also use the AirSep AirBelt to add even more battery life. You wear the AirBelt around your waist, and plug it into the Freestyle 5 when you need more time between charges. The AirBelt can be charged using the AC and DC power supplies, just like the Freestyle 5.


The Invacare XPO2 is only 7.3 lbs with the battery inside it. This is a powerful portable concentrator for just how small and portable it is. It's small enough to be carried on your shoulder, but you can also get the XPO2 mobile cart to pull it around with you. The XPO2 has pulse dose oxygen settings between 1 and 5, with a maximum of 900 ml of oxygen per minute.

The internal battery of the XPO2 will last around 2.5 hours, but you can double that time with the use of the external battery pack. The external battery pack is a small 1 lb unit that can be plugged into the concentrator when you need more battery life. You can then charge both the concentrator and the battery pack by plugging the concentrator into a power source with the AC or DC adapter.

Inogen One G2

The Inogen One G2 weighs 7.25 lbs with the 12 cell battery inside it, which is the smaller of the 2 battery choices you have with the G2. The other is the 24 cell battery, which will give you up to 8 hours at full charge. The 12 cell battery battery will give you as many as 4 hours between charges. You can charge it within the concentrator by plugging it in with the AC or DC adapters, or charge the battery with the Inogen One G2 external battery charger.

The Inogen One G2 has pulse dose settings between 1 and 6. You can carry it with the carry bag if you choose, but you can also pull around with you on the Inogen One G2 mobile cart. Because of its great oxygen dose range and long-lasting battery, it's ideal for taking with you on flights or trips of any kind.

Respirionics EverGo

The EverGo is a powerful pulse dose only portable concentrator that only weighs 8.5 lbs with one battery, and 10 lbs with 2 batteries. The oxygen settings are from 1 to 6 in 0.5 increments. This concentrator is perfect for long flights because of the long-lasting battery, and ideal for patients who need a higher pulse dose.

At 6 inches wide, 8.5 inches tall and 12 inches deep, you can carry the EverGo with you in the carry bag on your shoulder, or with the small and lightweight EverGo mobile cart. One battery will give you up to 4 hours of complete mobility, while both batteries will of course give you double that. You can charge it via the AC or DC adapters, or charge the battery in the Respirionics External Battery Charger. The EverGo is extremely low maintenance and user friendly, with only one filter that can be removed and cleaned, and an easy to read control panel.

Drive Oxus

The Drive Oxus weighs 9.9 lbs and is one of the most powerful mid-sized portable oxygen concentrators, with a highly efficient rotary compressor that is exclusive to this model. It's approved for use on a passenger airplane by the FAA, and features pulse dose settings between 1 and 5.

On the setting of 2, you will get about 3 hours of battery life, give or take for a higher or lower setting. There are 2 rechargeable batteries that comes with the Oxus, and you can charge them inside the concentrator by plugging into a power source with the AC or DC adapters. The carry bag and mobile cart for this model are combined, so you can roll it along with you and protect it at the same time.

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