Portable Oxygen Concentrators Rentals in Los Angeles

If Los Angeles is your future destination, we're here to help fit you with the oxygen concentrator that is right for you. Whether you want to spot some celebrities, just see their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or spend your days in the sun on one of the beaches, you'll be able to do so without a care with the convenience of a portable oxygen concentrator rental.

In LA, there is a big focus on being fit. Getting exercise is important, just check with your doctor before your trip to make sure you won't end up overexerting herself. Bringing a pulse oximeter with you might be a good idea, so you can check your blood oxygen level on the fly. This is will help you make sure you are getting the oxygen you need, through all the power-walking and biking you might be doing around the city.

Many people decide to power-walk around the city, just to save gas. As far as public transportation goes, there are several easily-accessed bus lines around the city, as well as above ground metro rails and a subway. All of our portable oxygen concentrator rentals are automatically approved for all modes of public transportation, as well as for airline travel. Before boarding your plane, however, you will need to call the airline at least 48 hours before your flight to let them know you will be bringing your concentrator with you. You don't have to call ahead before you get on a bus or a train.

Most airlines require that you bring along at least one extra battery on your flight, or any other power backup for your portable oxygen concentrator. You should always plan for flight delays, or any other situations where you will need to use a fully-charged backup battery, or external battery.

Surfing may be something you want to try – just don't take your concentrator with you! If you need constant oxygen, there are many other great things you can do by the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Los Angeles has 8 different beaches. Malibu is the hot spot for surfers, while Venice Beach is great for people-watching and meeting interesting people. If you want to have a day of beachy fun with your family, Cabrillo Beach is the most family-friendly of the beaches. If you're into art and hanging out in cafes, Hermosa Beach would be more your style.

Many of your favorite TV shows are filmed in LA, so if you're going, you should take this opportunity to be in the studio audience. Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show are all fun shows to attend. You can even be in a movie! Go sign up at “Be In a Movie” to be a background extra in one of the movies being filmed while you visit. You won't get paid, but you might get to be on set with one of your favorite stars.

Don't worry about bothering anyone with the sounds from your oxygen concentrator. The puffs of air or continuous flow hum are soft and low – much quieter than most of the places you'll be going. Portable oxygen concentrators make it easy for you to just concentrate on having a good time.

Oxygen Rentals in Los Angeles

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