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The River City is one of this town's nicknames, and as a city on the Mississippi River, it's one of those cities near middle America that is a port for different cultures, plenty of interesting things to do, and great signature dishes. St. Louis is a great destination for anyone, so traveling with a group would be a great idea – everyone will have something fun to do. With our fleet of portable oxygen concentrator rentals, you won't have any problems coming along yourself.

Portable oxygen concentrators are meant to be taken almost anywhere. As long as you don't plan on swimming up the river to St. Louis, you can get there by any means of transportation with you portable rental. Our rental packages are designed to be customizable to your needs, while saving you a lot of money in the long run. Don't worry – one of our trained and knowledgeable customer service reps will walk you through the process of deciding on how many batteries you will need to add to your package.

How do we figure this out? We take into account the oxygen prescription from your doctor for how long you need to use oxygen, and at what setting. If you are traveling by air, we will also need to know how many batteries or battery charge the airline requires you to have when you board your flight. Just like us, they want to make sure you are covered with plenty of battery life to see you through any delays. You also need to be able to take your time seeing the sites in St. Louie, without worrying about charging the batteries.

Hands down, the best time of year to visit St. Louis is during the early to mid fall, when temperatures are most comfortable, and when there is less cloud cover and humidity. This is also one of the best times to view the arch right before the sun dips below the horizon. In the spring and fall, the sun is at an angle, so that the rays reflecting off of the arch turn into a beautiful display of colors. Not something you will want to miss.

Besides the arch, you will want to visit the St. Louis Zoo, or take the family to the St. Louis Science Center for a great educational experience. For a refined night out with a few friends or a date, you'll want to see a show at the St. Louis Opera House. Take a stroll or ride a bike around City Park, where you'll get some fresh air and likely get to know some of the locals. For a more wild outdoor adventure, head over to the massive Forest Park for some hiking, or golfing if that's more your style.

Make sure your batteries are charged and ready to go for a night out that you won't forget. For dinner, the famous Pappy's Smokehouse is a great for some delicious ribs and steak. Sweetie Pie's Kitchen is also one of the best around and serves up Southern food in a great atmosphere. After dinner, head to one of many microbreweries to tip back a few, hang out with your travel companions, or mingle with the locals. Good planning and one of our portable oxygen concentrator rentals will ensure that you have the best time possible.

Oxygen Rentals in St. Louis

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