Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Reno

If you'd like to go to a great city that isn't as big or glitzy as Las Vegas, but still has the nice casinos and desert charm, Reno is the place to visit. Reno is like a smaller version of Sin city, is referred to as the “Biggest Little City in the World”, and it truly earns that nickname. It might be a little smaller, but there is still plenty to do here, and a lot of fun to be had, for people of all ages. If you need oxygen therapy, but don't quite want to commit to buying a portable oxygen concentrator when you visit Reno, you can take advantage of our fleet of portable oxygen concentrator rentals.

Even if you're traveling to and through Reno via automobile, a portable oxygen concentrator is preferable over refillable oxygen tanks for several reasons – you won't need to lug with you extra tanks, which can be a big burden and take up too much space in your vehicle to accommodate enough oxygen for an extended trip, but you would also run into the trouble of storing your oxygen tanks somewhere cooler.

At the foot of the Sierra Nevada, temperatures can climb to the mid 90s or higher during the day. The inside of a car gets much hotter, which makes for dangerous compressed or liquid oxygen storage conditions. You can't leave an oxygen concentrator in a car, because the extreme heat can cause damage to the machine, but at least you won't need to find space for the extra oxygen tanks – your portable concentrator is filtering the air around you into pure oxygen.

When traveling by plane, you will just need to call your airline 2 weeks ahead of your flight to find out what they require you to bring with you on your flight, like how much extra battery power to bring; usually 150% off your flight. The airline's battery power specifications will help us decide how many extra batteries to add to your rental package when you place your order.

Aside from the casinos, resorts and hotels (and there are many great ones), you can visit the National Automobile Museum and see all of the most memorable cars down through the ages. Sierra Safari Zoo is a great entertaining and educational place for the whole family, and you can make Idlewild park an all day outdoor getaway, with its rose garden, playgrounds, train ride and biking paths.

Just be sure to visit during Spring or Fall, when temperatures aren't overwhelmingly hot, but still warm enough to go swimming. Fall is when you will least likely see rain, but Springtime only sees a little light rain on average.

When you go out to dinner, the Atlantis Steakhouse at the Atlantis Resort and Sterling's Seafood Steakhouse comes highly recommended in the city of Reno. Even if you are using one of the heavier portable oxygen concentrator rentals, you shouldn't worry about getting around if you are pulling it along on its cart. The cart is light, small and easy to maneuver, so all you need to worry about is getting a booth instead of a table.

Oxygen Rentals in Reno

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