Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Pittsburgh

Whether you only live a hop and a skip away, or a whole continent away, Pittsburgh PA is worth paying a visit to. This town is known for its 6-time super bowl winning football team, and the fact that all of its sports teams wear the same colors – black and yellow. This is definitely a place for sports fans, especially. Aside from that, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is a vibrant and interesting city, much like NYC, with lots to see and do. You won't be at a loss for a good time, and we want to make sure you are meeting your oxygen needs with a customized portable oxygen concentrator rental package.

Our rental packages are customizable because you are able to add the amount of batteries that you will need to make sure you are always getting the oxygen therapy you need to stay well. Bringing along a battery charger would definitely be worth it, especially if you have more than 2 batteries that you plan on switching between throughout your trip. Not all of our portable models work this way, but with many of the smaller concentrators, all you need to do to charge the battery packs is plug it into a power source.

Basically, you will need to plan for needing more battery power than you can estimate, since you never know when you could experience a delay, or any other unexpected event that could prevent you from charging your battery. If you are flying, your airline will require you to bring a certain amount of battery charge with you. The great thing is, your portable oxygen rental and all the accessories won't count against your carry on limit. Driving with your portable oxygen concentrator rental shouldn't be a problem, just check to make sure you car's battery is new and in top shape. POCs are meant to be taken on any mode of transportation without trouble, even if you take a bus to Pittsburgh.

Like many cities in this part of the country, the best time to visit Pittsburgh is during the summer or early autumn. Temperatures will be warm enough to do outdoor activities without getting too hot, and the skies become nice and clear during August and into October. You also see much less rain and thunderstorms if you visit in the early fall, as opposed to spring or summer. If you don't plan on doing much outdoor activities, spring is fine. Keep in mind that winters here can be pretty cold and snowy.

If you have young people with you, you should definitely check out the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, which has tons of educational, hands on things for the kids to do and learn about. If you're in the mood for an unconventional stroll, head over to the Allegheny Cemetery, which is a large and beautiful cemetery where some famous people have been laid to rest.

If you're in town at the right time of year, you could go to a Pittsburgh Pirates game and head out to eat and have a few beers at Silky's Sports Bar and Grill, where you can chat with other people who most likely watched the game. Your portable oxygen concentrator rental's small and easy to maneuver cart is easy to push under a dining table to eat, or the carry bag will make it easy for you to fit into a booth.

Oxygen Rentals in Pittsburgh

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  • Larry Auterino
    Larry Auterino July 20, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    I will be in Pittsburgh the first week in Sept. I am looking to rent a home O2 concentrator for the hotel room while I am there. If possible I would like to have it delivered to the hotel the day I arrive and picked up the day I leave. Do you have suggestions on who l should contact?


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