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Mesa is considered a city and is the third largest city in the state of Arizona (right behind Phoenix and Tucson), but it really is more of a big suburban community than an urban metropolis. If you want a quiet break from the big city of Phoenix, but you still want to experience the desert beauty of the area, take a few days to stay in Mesa.

Despite this being a generally toned down place to live and visit, there are still some fun things you can do here. You might even decide that you want to live here, after you learn more about this place. If you are traveling with oxygen through Arizona to see the sights and admire the beauty of the desert, we have a portable oxygen concentrator rental that will be convenient and dependable for your journey.

Who would want to live in Mesa Arizona? The answer: Those who are older, or those with a family who want to settle down in a nice, safe but large community. Mesa really is a great place for retirees, but only if you don't mind the heat. Just like the rest of Arizona and many of the other desert states, it gets pretty hot here. Temperatures soar well above 100 degrees during the summer, around 115 to 120 to be exact. Many residents don't mind, however, saying that 115 degrees of dry heat is much preferred over 90 degrees with 80% humidity.

Many people who use portable oxygen concentrators have lung conditions such as COPD, which can be exacerbated by high heat. As long as your breathing isn't affected by this extreme dry heat, then you can get past this criteria and look at the other things that are great about this town. You must also take care of your machine in these hot temperatures. Never leave it in a car, and don't stay outside too long if you are here during the summer.

If you are just visiting, the time of year with the best weather in this area, is during the winter. Many people retreat here for the winter to escape the snow and to get more sunshine and pleasant weather. Another big perk about this climate: very few pesky bugs, like mosquitoes! You'll want less cloud cover and precipitation to do what you want to do outside, since there are some nice landscapes to be seen in the surrounding area. Be sure to check out the Saguaro cactus, which only grows in the state of Arizona. Usery Mountain Regional Park is located here, and you can take a hike to see the desert up close and personal.

To entertain yourself and the family or your group of friends, check out the Mesa Arts Center or the Arizona Museum of Natural History. If golfing is more your style, there are several great golf courses, such as the Augusta Ranch Golf Club and Longbow Golf Club, among others. You won't have any trouble bringing your portable oxygen concentrator along with you every step of the way, even if you are using a wheel cart. When you get hungry, go out to eat in one of Mesa's best restaurants, Charleston's Restaurant.

Oxygen Rentals in Mesa

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