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In recent years, Indianapolis has been recognized for being one of the best cities in the country to visit, or live in, by publications like Forbes and With this kind of great reputation building, many people will continue to move here, or at least come to explore the city and its many great destinations. We understand that you will want to visit as many places in your lifetime as possible, and we encourage it. This is why we offer so many different models of portable oxygen concentrators to rent.

Driving into the city would be a piece of cake if you live nearby, as long as your car battery can handle charging and running your concentrator, while running the car without being depleted. Talk to one of our sales representatives to talk over the details of each oxygen machine, and decide on the best one for you. Just make sure your car battery is new and in perfect working order before going on your trip, and if you are interested in the Sequal Eclipse models, choose the Eclipse 5 – this model can be safely charged and run on a car battery, unlike the Eclipse 3.

If you are flying to Indy, check with your airline ahead of time to see how much battery power they want you to bring with you on your flight. Then you can give one of our sales representatives a good idea of how many batteries to add to your rental package. You can rest assured that all of our portable oxygen concentrator rentals are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved for travel on an airplane.

If you come during Memorial Day weekend, you can catch the famous Indy 500 race, or one of the other races held at Indy Motor Raceway. This city is also known for one of the best family museums in the country, the Indianapolis Children's Museum. This museum features an entertaining and educational dinosaur exhibit. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is where you can see a large version of the famous, three-dimensional “LOVE” symbol from the 1960s, as well as some top-notch modern and historical art exhibits.

This is also a great town for getting some physical activity, and for having an adventure outdoors. Eagle Creek Park is located on 56th street and is only a 15 minute drive from downtown and is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. This is a great for boating, biking, fishing, having a picnic, and just taking a leisurely walk. Your carry bag or wheeled cart that came with your rental package will handle your portable concentrator nicely, keeping it protected as well as convenient for you to carry.

Just be sure to come to town during the summer, when you can enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, with less rain and a better chance for sunny, warm days that usually don't get too terribly hot. For the best possible weather, late May through September is your best bet for having fun in the sun in Indianapolis.

Oxygen Rentals in Indianapolis

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