Chicago Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

The Windy City is an interesting and bustling city, with the character of New York and 15 miles of beaches that are a close rival to LA's waterfront. Whether you are a newcomer to this metropolis on the shore of Lake Michigan, or you've lived here all your life and want to take a weekend out on the town, our portable oxygen concentrator rentals are available to you within just a few days, or less. Taking a spontaneous trip in a couple days? Give us a call.

Chicago is a great place for people of all ages and areas of interest, so this is an ideal place to bring your whole family. Art enthusiasts won't want to miss out on the Art Institute of Chicago, which has the 2nd largest collection of impressionist paintings in the world. The largest collection in the world is at the Louvre, in Paris. If you love animals, go to the Lincoln Park zoo, which is one of the last free zoos in the United States. Head on over to the largest marine mammal aquarium in the world, The Oceanarium, or the John G. Shedd Aquarium, the world's largest aquarium. The Harold Washington Public Library would be the hot spot for the book lovers of the group, with over 2 million books to read!

Even in the hush of this massive library, or inside Chicago's famous Landmark Century Centre Cinema, you don't need to worry about disturbing anyone with the sounds coming from your portable oxygen concentrator. None of our concentrator rentals are more than 50 decibels, which is much quieter than the sounds in most public places.

The locals are known for their love of sports, sports bars and for having a good time in general. Spend some time in the bleachers of Wrigley Field to get to know some of the locals, and then make your way to Guthrie's Tavern for music, drinks and board games. If you want to go out to dinner, The West Loop has unique restaurants, like “Girl and the Goat”, or “g.e.b.”, which features simple dishes with no more than 3 ingredients each. “Grace” is the place to go for an upscale, fancy dinner experience.

This is a heavily populated city – the 3rd most populated city, right behind NYC and LA – but you won't need to worry about your oxygen concentrator getting in the way while you make your way through the streets. None of our portable oxygen rentals weigh more than 20 lbs, but the ones on the heavier end come with a small, light, and easy-to-maneuver cart, which make navigating through crowds a piece of cake.

Make sure you don't miss out on any doses of your oxygen therapy, by bringing along an extra, already fully-charged backup battery, or battery pack, as you explore your way through town. The best thing to do is space out your destinations to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the city.

Oxygen Rentals in Chicago