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If you're in the Denver area and feel like venturing out to the other towns nearby, Aurora has some different things to see and do if you have a lot of stuff on your travel bucket list. Smaller cities shouldn't be counted out, since these places can hold a lot of interesting and obscure things that you won't find anywhere else. Aurora is good for this, as well as for see the surrounding area for some outdoor fun and fresh air. We can help you meet your oxygen therapy needs every step of the way with one of our dependable and affordable portable oxygen concentrator rentals.

If you're having concerns about or if you are intimidated by the thought of traveling by airplane with a portable oxygen concentrator, we are here to help answer your questions. Your rental package and all of its batteries and other accessories, including the bag and/or cart used to move it around, will not be counted as part of your carry on limit. Also, all of our portable rentals are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to be taken aboard a passenger airplane.

You will most likely be driving from Denver to Aurora, which is only about a 10 minute drive depending on traffic, and where in Aurora you want to go. Traveling by motor vehicle is one of the things you will cover with your customer service rep when you are choosing a portable oxygen concentrator package.

There are some portable units that can be charged while running it at the same time with a car battery, and there are others that can't do both without draining the car's battery. As long as you have plenty of batteries to charge for backups, you won't have any problems with a shortage of battery charge.

Another good idea would be to bring along an external battery charger, which will make it much quicker for you to charge up more than one battery at a time if your concentrator takes batteries that can be removed. If it takes battery packs, they can just be plugged in to charged in a different outlet. You will need plenty of battery life throughout the day while you are out and about, especially if you go to the Aurora Reservoir for a day out in the fresh air and sunshine. If you love horses, you have to head over to 12 Mile Stables for a nice afternoon of horseback riding.

If you're more into sitting quietly in a dimly lit room, take in a live show over at the Aurora Fox Arts Theater. Don't worry about the soft noises from your oxygen concentrator bothering anyone in the audience. Our rentals are all less than 40 decibels, which is whisper quiet. Even if you have one that needs a wheel cart to be pulled around, you'll be able to tuck the handle down and out of the way. These carts are very small and light, and the handles are telescoping, or they can be folded down against the concentrator itself.

Oxygen Rentals in Aurora

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