User Question: How is the Eclipse 5 Different from the Eclipse 3?

The Eclipse line of portable oxygen concentrators has a history of high quality and ground-breaking concentrators that have made it easier and more convenient to receive oxygen therapy. If you recently upgraded from the Eclipse 3 to the newest mobile unit, the Eclipse 5, you might have done so for at least one really good reason – the batteries from one Eclipse to another are all compatible.

There are a few other good reasons to upgrade to the Eclipse 5 from the 3, even if you feel like the Eclipse 3 is mostly the same, and you're already happy with it. The Eclipse 3 is already a great portable oxygen concentrator, but there are a couple major differences between the two that might make you change your mind. Here they are:

Increased Dependability

The internal system of the Eclipse 5 has been significantly upgraded from the Eclipse 3, just as the Eclipse 3 has been upgraded from the previous models. With newer models come the latest technology, and the internal workings of portable oxygen concentrators are becoming more sophisticated and complex. The concentrator has to filter air and purify it to oxygen, as well as run off of a battery that is able to charge off of either AC or DC power.

All these functions are extremely important, because you depend on this machine to give you the oxygen you need to stay healthy. So of course the latest model will be built with the latest and most improved oxygen concentrator technology, which is improving all the time. The improvements in convenience and ease of use are also apparent.

Ability to Charge on DC Power

Speaking of convenience, the more options for charging and running your portable oxygen concentrator, the better off you are. The Eclipse 3 was unable to charge up its battery in a motor vehicle, without draining the battery of the motor vehicle. This made it impossible to both run and charge it at the same time while in a car, RV or a boat.

The Eclipse 5 is able to do just that. It can charge up the concentrator's battery, while running at the same time without putting a drain on the battery of a motorized vehicle. That means you can charge up the battery on your way to work or a travel destination, and conserve the battery power for when you really need it – when you are up and about away from a power source. This is especially convenient if you need to use your Eclipse 5 for many hours during the day.

Precautions should be taken, however. The car needs to be running before you plug in the Eclipse 5, and you should use the DC outlet located closest to the car's battery. Do a test drive first before going on a long road trip. Your car's battery must also be in good condition.

Lower Maintenance

Since the Eclipse 5 is more advanced and more reliable, you'll naturally need to do less maintenance on a regular basis to make sure it's always working properly.

Oxygen User Questions Answered – What are the differences between the SeQual Eclipse 5 and Eclipse 3?

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