Oxygen Concentrator Store Reviews and Testimonials - August 2018

We know that our success depends on the satisfaction of our oxygen customers and that is why we strive to give every customer the highest shopping experience! We pride ourselves on educating new customers on oxygen solutions and providing post-shopping customer support.

View a small selection of August 2018 Trustpilot Reviews that we have received from actual customers.

"It’s a wonderful Mini O2 Concentrator!"

Review from Sandy on Sunday, August 26, 2018

"I received my Mini POC in the mail. It came well packed and without damage. I charged both batteries before turning it on to try out, and it works great! I had to wear on my Delta flight and it was not considered a carry-on (which is nice), because it is medical equipment.

It worked great the whole week I was gone to New Mexico. It’s because of NM’s high altitude that I had to wear Oxygen. I have my own Pulse Oximeter to check my Oxygen level periodically which is handy to have. I visit my Grand kids in NM several times a year and that’s why I purchased the unit (Renting would be more costly overtime).

The gentleman I worked with in purchasing this unit was amazing, very helpful and kind ?. He said if I ever have any questions or need help to give him a call. The Oxygen unit was clean and looked brand new, even though it had been used for a short time before. I highly recommend this Oxygen Concentrator Store. I have no complaints at all. "

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"Excellent service from the associate"

Review from SLM on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

"The associate who helped me, made sure that the charger I needed was the right model for my concentrator. He sent me his direct phone number so I could call him if there were any problems. Throughout our conversation, he was knowledgeable, patient, and personal and did not rush me. "

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"Good Service - Good Product."

Review from Jean on Sunday, August 19, 2018

"The young man who assisted me was very helpful and accommodating. When I pointed out that the price he quoted me was higher than the price in the brochure he immediately talked with the supervisor and I paid the price listed in the brochure. So far I am very pleased with my Simplyflo concentrator. It will accompany me to Portland, OR next month."

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"I am quite pleased with the whole…"

Review from Ernest on Saturday, August 18, 2018

"I am quite pleased with the whole process of buying, shipping and using my oxygen concentrator. My only regret is that we did not buy one sooner. It makes traveling so much easier than lugging a 40 pound concentrator everywhere. I can now just load my portable in the car when I head out for the day and if I decide to take a nap (This is when I need oxygen) then I can just hook up my concentrator, take a nap and never get a headache from lack of oxygen. I would recommend and have already told many friends and family about my great new experience. Thank you so much for making my life better."

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"Great Choice for Buying from Oxygen Concentrator Store"

Review from Eugenia on Thursday, August 9, 2018

"Excellent Fast service and expert technical/customer service."

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"Great Sales Rep and Great product"

Review from Alex on Tuesday, August 7

"My sales rep did a great job educating me and helping me through the process. The concentrator actually arrived a day early. I'm very happy with the product. "

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