Oxygen Concentrator Packages

You're interested in purchasing an oxygen concentrator, but there are so many choices and things that go along with them, and maybe you're not sure about what is the most bang for your buck. These machines were made for your convenience, so that you don't need to worry about purchasing more oxygen down the road – concentrators use the oxygen that already exists in the air around you! If you ask any of our happy customers, they will likely tell you that buying their concentrator was one of the best decisions they've ever made.

Think of it as an Investment

Buying one of our oxygen concentrator packages, as opposed to one concentrator by itself, is a great investment and will save you even more money later. Each of our packages is different, but they come with accessories and may even include another concentrator at a discounted price.

Each portable concentrator requires its battery that is only compatible with that model, as well as an external battery charger that only works with each model's battery. It's always a good idea, and often a necessity, to bring along extra, charged batteries.

When the battery you are using is depleted, you will need to pop in the spare battery quickly. This is especially important for people who know they will be away from a power source for hours at a time – people who are traveling or spending a day out and about. For example, our SimplyGo and EverGo packages come with 2 extra batteries, an external charger and pulse oximeter, as well as all the regular accessories, such as AC and DC adapters, carry case, cart and cannula.

Aside from having even more batteries as back-ups to reduce times of stopping and recharging, you won't have to worry about buying new batteries any time soon. The batteries you get with the package should be the ones that will last you for many years.

Get a Home Concentrator and a Portable Model!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to use a home oxygen concentrator, and save your portable oxygen concentrator only for when you leave the house? People who need constant oxygen are most benefited by these packages, and you will see a major discount from if you would have bought each one separately.

If you have a certain brand that you trust, or one that you've heard good things about from people you know, you will be able to get a great model along with one of the best portable models from this brand. Our Respirionics EverGo and EverFlo Combo Package is a big hit, as well as our Eclipse portable and Integra home package by SeQual.

You will reduce wear on your portable oxygen concentrator and reserve battery life by only using it when you need to be portable. When you're at home watching television, your home concentrator does the work. Home oxygen concentrators of course, do not allow for mobility like portable models do, but they are known to last longer overall, even when they are being run for many hours of the day.

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