Our Best Used Oxygen Concentrators – Why they are Great

We have the cream of the crop here at American Medical Sales and Repair, in the way of portable oxygen concentrators. Even our used portable concentrators are some of the best, especially if they are gently used models of our best selling portables! Don't miss out on getting one of the best portable oxygen concentrators at a discount!

Sequal Eclipse 3

There are a few reasons why the Eclipse 3 is one of our best selling portable oxygen concentrators. This portable concentrator is necessary for people who need a continuous flow of oxygen of at least 3 LPM (from 0.5 to 3 in 0.5 increments), or those who need a pulse dose from the setting of 1 to 6. It can meet higher oxygen demands, while still giving you 100% mobility and you can get it gently used at a much lower price!

This versatile portable concentrator is 18.4 lbs with the battery in it, and these used models come with a wheel cart and a carry bag. These two important accessories give you the option of carrying the accessories, or pulling it along with you if you do not want to carry it. The cart is very small and light and easy to maneuver, and absorbs any bumps in the road so your concentrator is protected. The telescoping handle is easy to push down and out of the way when you are sitting still.

The Eclipse 3 features Sequal's autoSAT technology, which means this concentrator will fulfill your oxygen needs if there is a subtle or major change in your breathing pattern. This means it will automatically deliver more oxygen more frequently to meet your needs, such as when you're exercising or just going up a flight of stairs.

A fully charged Eclipse battery will last for 1.3 hours on the highest continuous flow setting, and 2.1 hours on the highest pulse dose setting. This is remarkable, considering how high these settings are, as opposed to other oxygen concentrators with a lower flow rate, but with a battery that only lasts a little longer.


We're glad to be able to offer one of the best smallest portable concentrators in our store for a great discounted price. This one is ideal for those who only need a pulse dose of 10 ml, 20 ml or 30 ml (the settings 1, 2 and 3 on this model) and for those who want to maintain an active lifestyle. The battery will last for 2.5 hours on the setting of 2, but you can supplement that with a battery pack, which is lightweight and can be worn around your waist and gives you an extra 2 hours of run time. Our used models come with these accessories, plus the carry bag, cannula and manual.

This concentrator is also great for those who want to go on adventures in the great outdoors. It's only a little under 5 lbs, and the battery pack is only a couple pounds, itself. This makes it extremely easy to take with you anywhere. You can also purchase an extra Lifechoice battery pack, which you can have fully-charged before setting out, so you can quickly replace the depleted one with the backup.

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