New Years Resolution for a healthier Respiratory Year

Why do I need oxygen?

If you have chronic lung disease, some areas in your lungs are damaged. These damaged areas act as blockages, preventing oxygen from moving into your bloodstream. You are unable to capture enough oxygen during a breath for your body to thrive. You likely experience difficulty breathing, sleeping and performing daily activities.

Oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen available to your bloodstream in each breath. The increased oxygen concentration eases the capture of enough oxygen by your bloodstream to supply your body. It is extremely important that you are compliant in using your oxygen because cells and vital organs are very dependent on oxygen in order for them to perform their function and work properly. Oxygen therapy helps you breathe more comfortably. So you can enjoy your daily activities.

How do I maintain my equipment?

Some basics are listed below:
• The nasal cannula & oxygen tubing should be changed every few months unless they become dirty. Neither the nasal cannula nor the long tubing from your stationary equipment should be washed. It is not recommended to replace them entirely.
• If an oxygen face mask is used, it should be cleaned twice weekly with warm soapy water.
• Oxygen concentrators usually require a weekly filter cleaning with warm soapy water.
• If you are using a humidifier, empty it at least once a day, wash the bottle with soap and warm water, making sure all the soap is rinsed out, and then refill the bottle with distilled water. Do not use tap water, as the minerals in it can damage your equipment. Let the equipment air dry.
• Check for O2 purity and make sure it is delivering appropriate O2 purity--- Remember that we can do this for you by simply coming into our office and bringing you concentrator

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