National Mentoring Month – Being an Oxygen Therapy Mentor

If you've been using oxygen therapy for a while, you've most likely gotten used to it and know the basic ins and outs of it. While it's not complicated and there isn't much you really have to know, using your new oxygen concentrator and needing to use oxygen therapy in general can take some getting used to. When you first started using oxygen therapy, you may have felt strange and maybe a little upset with the fact that you now are relying on a machine to do something for you that your lungs can no longer do sufficiently. This can be the hardest thing to get used to.

Having someone to talk to in the beginning, beside a doctor who likely only covers the medical aspect of your diagnosis and prescription, can help you feel more comfortable with your new routine. Being able to relate to someone who also uses oxygen therapy can be nice, as well as having someone to answer general questions. Keep in mind that you should always double check medical things with your doctor before taking any major actions. Your oxygen therapy mentor is only there to relate to and to give moral support.

Are you oxygen therapy experienced?

If you would like to be a mentor of sorts to someone who has just started using oxygen therapy, there are a number of things you can do. You can get on the internet and search for message board websites on oxygen therapy and the specific diseases that may call for oxygen therapy, such as COPD. You sign up as a member of the message board, and you can answer questions or just make a post to offer any help that anyone might need.

The internet and social networking sites makes it easy for you to reach out and share what you know. Facebook will even help you meet people in your own area so you can talk in person and make new friends. If that isn't possible because of distance, you can write back and forth as traditional pen pals, or through email.

Keep the lines of communication open through family and friends and let them know you are here to help anyone they may know who has just been prescribed oxygen therapy. The mother of a friend of a friend of your cousin's might have just been diagnosed with COPD and may need someone to talk to about the whole thing. You can reach out to them to see if they would like your moral support or help with anything concerning it.

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