Nasal Cannula Care

Simply wipe down the part (prongs) that inserts into your nose, as well as the seven-foot length of tube that connects to it, with an alcohol swab once a day.

If you’re on oxygen 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it might be easier for you to have two cannulas at all times—one to use while the other is being wiped down and allowed to dry.

Alternate the cannulas for two weeks only, then discard them and use new ones.

If you are using extension tubing between the nasal cannula and the oxygen concentrator, it should be changed every month, if being used 24/7, and every other month when used nightly. For those who just use oxygen as needed (PRN), this piece may be changed every three to six months.

All of these recommended cleaning instructions and timeframes are minimums. You may clean and replace them more often, especially if you’ve been sick.

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