Meet the Respironics SimplyFlo!

Why You'll Love the SimplyFlo

We know that technology is always advancing, and this is definitely to the advantage of people who use oxygen concentrators to help make sure they are getting the right amount of oxygen throughout their bodies. If you already have one of the smallest home oxygen concentrators in the market, such as the Respirionics EverFlo Q, or the AirSep Visionaire, you'll be amazed to see one of the newest stationary home concentrators that is even smaller.

Meet the Respironics SimplyFlo!

At first glance, you might mistake it for a portable oxygen concentrator because of how small and light it is. It resembles the Respirionics EverGo or the SimplyGo in stature and weight, but it can provide up to 2 LPM of continuous flow and requires no batteries. This is a great solution for those active patients who require the right amount of continuous oxygen flow at night, since it needs to be plugged in to work and doesn't run on a battery.

It's highly affordable and is a much more practical option for someone who needs 2 LPM of continuous flow. Portable oxygen concentrators that offer continuous flow also have pulse dose settings, which cause the machine to be bigger and bulkier than it needs to be because of the other settings it offers, as well as the compartment for the battery. As long as your lifestyle calls for something that can be stationary, such as at night while you're sleeping, and if you only need up to 2 LPM of continuous flow.

You may also be able to bypass a CPAP machine while you sleep, if you are using the SimplyFlo. Check with your doctor to see if this oxygen concentrator will be suitable for your individual situation with sleep apnea, and/or the need for oxygen therapy while you're sleeping.

It's also very quiet, and is no louder than its portable cousin, the SimplyGo, at 43 decibels. It's also just as reliable and as tough as the portable. It goes up to 2 LPM, but it starts at 0.5 LPM and ranges to 1.0, 1.5 and then 2.0. Getting the 2 year warranty that we offer is a great deal, and with it, this stationary concentrator is still much more affordable. It's affordability is attributed to its efficiency and simplicity, with still being able to offer what you will need if the SimplyFlo is truly right for you.

We always offer great accessories for all of our oxygen concentrators, and this one is no different. The SimplyFlo has a compatible humidifier kit, which is sold separately in case you need extra humidity during the dryer months of the year. You can also get a Travel Accessories Case, which is handy if you plan on going places with your SimplyFlo. This is really the only stationary oxygen concentrator that comes with an accessory bag!

It's also extremely cost effective in its energy efficiency. Bigger home oxygen concentrators use more energy because of their size and because they house more settings. Keep it simple and opt for the SimplyFlo, and save yourself tons of money in the long run.

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