March is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Month – How Oxygen Therapy Can Help

Having Chronic Fatigue syndrome means being excessively tired for more than 6 months at a time, and having to deal with pain such as joint pains and headaches. Imagine not being able to get through a whole day of work or school because you simple can't keep your eyes open, not matter how much sleep you get each night. It's like having a severe case of the flu that never ends, or never getting any sleep for two or three nights in a row.

If you have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you don't have to imagine this, but you are looking for a way to get through a regular day. Besides the medications that you might have to take, you can most likely benefit from one hour of oxygen therapy each day. Talk to your doctor to see if he or she thinks you should give oxygen therapy a try.

If you have CFS, it can mean that your blood has a hard time of delivering oxygen to the tissues in your body. You might already have this problem, and then encounter a traumatic event in life, or anything that can cause your mind and body a large amount of stress. Other causes can be brain abnormalities, psychiatric disorders and a viral or bacterial infection. A combination of these factors can make it hard for your body to function and cause you pain.

Oxygen is extremely important to our bodies, especially to our brains. When we don't get enough oxygen to our muscles, they can hurt and become weak over time. We will also tire easily and not be able to think clearly. Not getting enough oxygen can also result in a lowered immune system, digestion problems and irrational behavior.

Oxygen therapy has been used to help people recover quicker and speed up the healing process for a number of conditions. It can be especially helpful in the case of not being able to deliver oxygen to other parts of your body, or balance the gases in your blood. A certain acidic level in your blood can make it hard for oxygen to detach from the hemoglobin in your blood, which is how this occurs.

You will need a special kind of mask when treating CFS with oxygen therapy, called a parietal rebreather mask. This mask has a bag attached to it, and it allows you to re-inhale your own CO2, which is necessary to strike a balance between the CO2 and O2 levels in your blood. Once theses gases are balanced, your blood will be able to release the oxygen throughout your body the way it is supposed to.

According to an article on, one hour of this type of oxygen therapy is what you will need to help treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You can break up this hour throughout the day, but you shouldn't exceed more than one hour at a time. When you are doing this oxygen therapy, you should also be breathing normally and not trying to take deep breaths. You also need to try to breathe through your nose, as people with CFS tend to mostly breathe through their mouths. Your doctor will assist you when you first start using your oxygen therapy.

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