Looking for Oxygen Cannula Testers

At American Medical we are always looking for ways to improve our products so we love to get feedback from our customers. We are looking for 5 people to test and give us feedback on three different cannula’s that we offer.

We value your input and are interested in your general cannula feedback but particularly your thoughts on differences of each cannula and any suggestions you have on cannulas from Soft Hose, Captive Technologies and Salter Labs.

As a participant of this testing, we will send cannulas at no cost to you. If you are interested, please contact [email protected].

One thought on “Looking for Oxygen Cannula Testers”

  • hasan

    Hi Scott. My name is syed Abul Hasan I have been using oxygen for the last 13 years. My email is [email protected] . my cold is holding out and I have helped organizations like AIRSEP and devilbiss with o2 delivery methods .I live in Pakistan and my aim is to get the max out of conserving . so I would be interested in this program. Please feel free to mail or call me at +923008560345. Regards hasan


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