Lifechoice ActivOx Question and Answers

With all of the tiny portable oxygen concentrators on the market, how do you choose one? They all seem so convenient and each have their own great qualities and features, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. People come to us with many questions about one of our newest portable oxygen concentrators – the Lifechoice ActivOx by Inova Labs. Just like the Lifechoice, it's barely 5 lbs, and just as the name suggests, it allows you to have an active lifestyle.

If you've read the product descriptions and you're still not sure if this concentrator is right for you, here are a set of the most frequently asked questions, along with the answers. We want to make sure you make a completely educated choice on whether or not this oxygen concentrator is right for you.

Question: How long will this oxygen concentrator last me? When will I need to buy a new one?

Your brand new ActivOx should live well beyond its manufacturer's warranty. It's very low maintenance – the only thing you will need to do to keep it functioning properly, is wipe the vents down regularly with a cotton swab. Keeping dust or other particles out of the vents will help lengthen the life of your ActivOx. Very convenient, since you don't need to change out or clean any filters. The ActivOx is built for people living an active lifestyle, so it was made extra durable to take any bumps or spills that are likely to happen, and still continue to work just fine.

Question: What is the difference between Pulse Wave and Pulse Dose?

Pulse Dose can sometimes be inadequate for the patient, if the patient is inhaling in a shallow manner, or if he or she is breathing slower than the concentrator is releasing air. If this is the case, this is when you can switch over to Pulse Wave mode. Pulse Wave dose is able to keep up with your breath patterns, as well as use auto mode, which conforms to your breath patterns during sleep. This oxygen concentrator is great for people who need oxygen therapy while they sleep.

Question: Is the ActivOx right for me?

Your doctor prescribed the flow of oxygen you need, so he or she should be able to help you decide if this oxygen concentrator will be able to fill your needs. The ActivOx delivers pulse dose settings equivalent to 1 LPM, 2 LPM and 3LPM (Liters Per Minute).

Question: How long does the battery last?

The internal battery lasts longer than most, with as much as 12 hours on the lowest setting, and 5 hours on the highest setting. With the addition of an external battery pack, you'll have 3 more hours on the lowest setting, and 2 more hours on the highest setting. You can also plug the concentrator itself into a power supply, if you know you'll be remaining stationary for a while. This will both conserve the battery life and charge it as the machine is running.

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