Join Us in Lung Force Against Lung Cancer

The American Lung Association's “Lung Force” is a fundraising event, hoping to unite women and standing (and walking) together to fight lung cancer, in women and in everyone else. According to the American Lung Association's website, a woman in the US is diagnosed with lung cancer every five minutes. This is a big problem, so it needs a lot of attention.

Lung cancer is the #1 killer cancer afflicting women in this country, and is more prevalent than the dangerous and insidious emphysema and chronic bronchitis (COPD). It's time to raise funds and awareness so that we can bring these statistics down, and ensure that more women can live long and healthy lives, lung cancer free.

It's alarming that the lung cancer death rate in women has increased by more than 50% over the past 35 years. Even with these numbers climbing in the case of women, anyone can get lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of lung cancer. While men still smoke more cigarettes than women, the gap between these two numbers is closing. This is the main contributer in the rising number of women being diagnosed with lung cancer.

It's not all just about lung cancer, though. We hope to raise funding and awareness for other dangerous diseases, such as COPD and asthma. COPD is the #3 killer in the United States, behind cancer and heart disease, and the number of people with asthma continues to grow. One in 12 people had asthma in 2009 compared to 1 in 14 in 2001. COPD is on the rise as the generation who largely grew up smoking are aging, with the years that they spent smoking catching up with them.

On May 9th, 2015, you can join us for the Lung Force Walk in Denver at Centennial Park. You can sign up as part of the ASMR-Breathe Easier Team and walk with us. For every dollar you donate, American Medical will match up to $25. Go to the link below to sign up, and to get more information about the event on the official website. By working together, we can beat this!
Lung Force Walk AMSR- Breathe Easier Team

The money we raise will go towards research, advocacy, awareness and educational programs and literature to spread the word about the dangers of lung cancer. More people need to know about the causes, early warning signs, and ways to prevent this killer disease. Do it for your mother, your aunt, or your grandma, and the many other women who might be in danger, or for those who have recently been diagnosed. Our main goal is to save lives, and improve the quality of lives.

If you can't join our team or donate, you can participate by spreading the word! Post the links on Twitter, Facebook, or email it to your friends. Someone you know might want to join us or donate. It's not just money that we are hoping to raise here, it's education and awareness to spread far and wide.

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