Invacare Solo Customer Reviews

The Invacare Solo isn't the lightest or smallest portable oxygen concentrator, but its other features make up for it and make this full-featured model a crowd favorite. It's also very reasonably priced for how versatile it is.

Check out some of the customer reviews we've received from those who have purchased and are using their Invacare Solos.

“I wasn't overly impressed with the battery duration of the Solo, since I need a continuous flow of oxygen at 4 LPM and this causes the battery to drain a lot quicker than if I was using a pulse dose or lower LPM. Other than that, I like this portable concentrator more than my old one. The Sensi-Pulse feature meets my needs while I'm sleeping much better than my old one did and my doctor and I can definitely tell the difference, not only in my blood oxygen level but in the way I feel and how much better I can think during the day, as well as my energy level.” - Darla

“I couldn't believe how expensive the battery pack was when I had to buy one, but from what I understand, the same goes for most other portable oxygen concentrators and their batteries. This was the only thing I didn't like during my time of owning my Solo. It's nice that the DC adapter doesn't cost that much though, I'm able to plug it in in the car and save battery life that way. The cart is nice and easy to maneuver and I don't mind it at all. It's high enough off of the ground for me to pull it around over grass and a bumpy area without hurting it.” - Brentley

“I've recommended this concentrator to many of my patients because of its Sensi-Pulse technology, which adjusts the pulse size to the change of your breathing pattern while you sleep. This feature, plus the low noise level makes this the ideal oxygen concentrator to use if you have to use nightly oxygen. 17 pounds isn't that heavy, either and I've never heard any of my patients complaining about its weight because of the convenient cart that comes with it.” - Leoni

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