Introduction to the New Respironics SimplyGo Mini

The SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator by Respironics really lives up to its name, giving you true portability with excellent power and versatile oxygen delivery options. If you’re searching for the freedom to travel, enjoy the outdoors, and attend social events, this device is your answer.

The SimplyGo Mini is positively tiny, weighing less than 5 pounds and under 10 inches in every dimension. This makes it unobtrusive and exceptionally easy to carry. However, this little machine is also powerful, actually delivering 20% more oxygen than other oxygen concentrators of the same weight - meaning you still get the extra oxygen you need on the go. In fact, the Mini is capable of providing 50 mL pulses of oxygen or a continuous flow of 1000 mL per minute. You can choose from 5 different pulse settings to meet your needs no matter your current activity level.

Even at full power, it’s also discreet wherever you go. The noise level is 46 decibels, about the same volume as the interior of a quiet car in motion. You won’t feel awkward in even the most hushed environments with such a silent device at your side.

You can tell this unit is really designed for home use as well as travel. For example, the standard battery lasts much longer than similar units, at 4.5 hours. There’s even an extended battery available with a 9 hour charge life. Also, the SimplyGo Mini has a casing that is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily life. The shell will stand up to impacts and vibrations and the machine is designed to operate effectively in a range of temperatures, from 41 to 95 degrees F. This makes it an undemanding and convenient travel companion.

Further travel convenience and portability come from the included shoulder harness, accessory bag, and optional backpack. You can easily charge the battery in any outlet with the included AC adapter. There’s also a DC adaptor included for car charging on the go. Additionally, the battery is external and is very convenient to remove and replace. Its convenient location on the bottom of the device means you won’t have to struggle or fumble to reach it.

Of course, all the features above don’t mean much if your portable oxygen concentrator is an enigma to actually operate. Fortunately, the SimplyGo Mini excels at user friendliness. The user interface is a simple LCD touch screen and very easy to use. There are also audible alarms if a problem is ever encountered. These include oxygen delivery and low battery alerts.

  • Ready to go where you want – operates in a range of temperature with hardened, impact-resistant case.
  • Extended battery life – 4.5 hours with the standard included battery.
  • User friendly simple LCD touch screen.
  • Versatile and powerful oxygen delivery – up to 1000 mL/min continuous flow.
  • Made for portability and travel – 5 pound weight with included shoulder strap, carrying case and shoulder bag.
  • Features audible alarms for any problems and low battery.
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