Introducing the New AirSep External Battery

The AirSep brand is truly a marvel in the oxygen concentrator market. They've made some of the best portable and stationary oxygen concentrators around, as well as some of the smallest and most convenient accessories to go along with them. AirSep has done it again with the brand new AirSep External Battery, a great alternative for adding more battery life to your AirSep Portable Concentrators.

The AirSep External Battery is only 1 lb, and is smaller and easier to transport. You can even hide it under your shirt, clipped to the waist of your pants or the edge of your pants pocket. Previously, those who wanted supplemental battery life for their AirSep portable concentrator, had the option of getting the AirSep AirBelt. The AirBelt weighs 2 lbs, and is worn around the waist, with the ability to be plugged into the concentrator.

You may have thought the AirSep AirBelt was a great way to add more time to your Focus, Freestyle, or Freestyle 5, but AirSep continues to outdo itself. How much battery life you can have with the AirSep External Battery depends on which portable concentrator you are using, and which setting it's on.

With the AirSep Focus on the setting of 2, you will get approximately 3.5 hours of battery life. If you are using the Freestyle on the setting of 2, you can enjoy about 6 hours. You'll get 4 hours of complete mobility with the Freestyle 5 on the setting of 2. That's even more than what you would get with the AirBelt, which is twice as heavy! The external battery will also take no more than 5 hours to recharge from 0 to 100%.

Along with the AirSep External Battery, you can get the AirSep External Battery Charger. This external battery can charge not 1, but 2 batteries at the same time, separately from the AirSep concentrator. Just plug the external battery charger in, stick the one or two external batteries into their ports and give them a few hours to charge up. In the mean time, you can charge up the internal battery in the concentrator with the AC or DC charger that came with it.

This will save you a lot of time. You can also charge the battery along with the charger while the concentrator is plugged in. The external charger itself is also a brand new item. It only weighs 3 lbs, so you won't have any trouble bringing it with you on vacation.

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