Introducing the Most Comfortable Full Face Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask

Many people have comfort and size issues when it comes to using a CPAP machine. Since sleeping with a mask on your face can feel very intrusive and bothersome, it takes time to find a mask that fits well and offers enough comfort to allow the patient to fall asleep.

Masks often get in the way or don't seal correctly against your face, which causes the CPAP machine not to do its job correctly. Some people even describe a feeling of claustrophobia when wearing a CPAP mask. Others have a hard time finding one that fits properly, and isn't too loose or too constricting.

The Wisp CPAP mask from Respironics was designed to eliminate the troubles of finding the right CPAP mask. This new design is much smaller, and allows for the user to try on different pillows that come with the mask, so they can alternate them out to find the perfect fit.

This new mask only covers the patient's nose and doesn't constrict the mouth, or get in the way of their eyes. You can comfortably lie in bed and read a book before you fall asleep. Only a small portion of the mask comes in contact with your face, and one soft strap fits around your head to hold it in place.

The minimal contact seal has been found to fit more than 98% of patients, which is much more than any other mask on the market. Even though it's minimal contact, the seal is also superior. Patients also describe feeling much more rested after using the Wisp, as opposed to other masks. This is because a tighter seal means more air is going into your airways, and you'll be getting the air pressure you need.

The small and light frame is made out of a clear silicone or fabric, and the cushions (seals) come in multiple sizes which are included in the whole package. No trying on multiple masks – just pick the cushion out and slip it onto the frame.

The Wisp feature different types of frames. Modular frames that you can interchange, as well as different types of fabric. The fabric offers more softness and comfort, but some people still prefer the feel of the silicone.

The headgear also comes in different sizes for even more customization and comfort. There is a regular size, and a large size for people with a hat size of 7.25 or larger.

There are several hose positioning options, so you don't have the hose lying across you awkwardly or uncomfortably as you change sleeping positions. The hose is also lightweight, small and flexible to be as unimposing as possible.

Medical equipment is always improving, and that means common problems are getting fixed when it comes to many things. Why continue using something you don't like when there is now a much better option? If you think you can do better with your CPAP mask, talk to your sleep technician.

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