Introducing the InovaLabs Lifechoice AcitivOx 4 Liter Pro

Staying active is an essential part of growing older. As you age, your body may start to feel a little less energetic and mobile. Unfortunately the aging process tends to wreck havoc on muscles, joints and bones. However, to combat any aches, pains and signs of getting older, movement is vital. By simply walking around the block a few times you can feel a lot better, regain your muscle mobility, and possibly start feeling like a younger version of yourself. Plus, physical fitness plays a crucial role in your overall health. People who partake in weekly exercise can improve their blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and their blood circulation. By simply getting your heart rate up and moving around you can reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke and chronic pain disorders. So what’s stopping you? Get up and get moving.

Exercising may sound like a great idea, but if you dependent on oxygen, then you may think it could be too much of a hassle. No one wants to cart around a heavy and cumbersome oxygen tank while walking around the park. The struggle of carrying your tank around can really put a damper on your day and not allow you to move as freely as you may wish. If this sounds familiar, then you are in luck because Inova Labs recently released their LifeChoice Activox 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The engineers at Inova Labs have proven their worth once again with the release of this innovative and consumer-friendly portable oxygen concentrator. The LifeChoice Activox 4L is unlike any other oxygen tank on the market today, and, with its help you can become the active and spry person you desire to be.

Oxygen dependence isn’t something that has to hold you back any longer. With the Lifechoice Activox 4L portable oxygen concentrator you can obtain up to 4 liters of oxygen per minute! Until now, the Activox line of portable oxygen concentrators by Inova Labs could only offer you 1 to 3 liters of oxygen per minute, which wasn’t ideal for an active person. Now, you can enjoy peace and freedom during physical activity with this LifeChoice Activox 4L portable oxygen concentrator. Plus, unlike other bulky oxygen concentrators, the LifeChoice Acitvox 4L portable oxygen concentrator is incredibly lightweight and won’t hold you back as you conquer whatever physical activity you enjoy. Weight in at only 4.8 pounds, this portable oxygen machine is truly an innovative product. Its light weight and its high flow deliverance capabilities make this portable oxygen machine a force of nature.

The LifeChoice Activox 4L portable oxygen converter is a lightweight oxygen machine that also doesn’t necessitate the use of an oxygen cart. This portable oxygen machine can simply be thrown over your shoulder with its convenient strap, carried as a backpack, or worn as a waist pack due to its extra straps. With its ease of use and its high powered oxygen delivery capabilities, this oxygen machine is perfect for both physical activity and travel. This model, among all of the other LifeChoice models, is FAA-approved for both domestic and international flights. Plus, it has a high powered battery life that can give you peace of mind when traveling. Another great plus about the LifeChoice Activox 4L oxygen machine is that it is tank free, so you never have to worry about running out of oxygen. Simply re-charge the machine’s battery either during times of use or during times of rest to always have pure oxygen pumped out of the machine.

The LifeChoice Activox 4L portable oxygen converter also has the innovative Pulse-Wave technology to ensure that you are always saturated with oxygen when needed. This portable oxygen machine also has an auto mode that can detect any changes in your breath rate and automatically change the deliverance rate of oxygen that you need. With its auto mode and its Pulse-Wave technology, this portable oxygen machine is incredibly reliable and easy to use. Simply keep the batteries charge, and flip the machine on when needed. The machine will take care of the rest. This machine has a 4 to 10 hour battery life depending on the rate of oxygen you need, which means that you can virtually take it anywhere . Plus, it only takes two hours to charge it externally and four hours while charging the battery internally, and its super quiet while charging and while in use. At only 44 decibels, this oxygen machine produces very little sound while in use to ensure that you won’t have to worry about it being a nuisance to others around you. Another great feature of this portable oxygen converter is its display. The display of the LifeChoice Activox 4L portable oxygen converter is transflective with standard buttons, meaning that even on a bright sunny day, you will be able to clearly see the display of your machine. No longer will you have to find a shaded area or go inside to adjust your oxygen machine’s levels or check its display. With its lightweight portability, its high capacity oxygen deliverance, and its transflective display screen you can feel comfortable and happy no matter where you take your tank.

When purchasing the LifeChoice Activox 4L portable oxygen converter you will receive a few extra bells and whistles to help you maintain your machine. First, you will receive the oxygen converter itself. But, you will also receive a 4-way carrying case that always you to carry the oxygen tank as a backpack, a shoulder bag, a waist pack or a briefcase to fit your needs. You’ll also receive a set of adjustable straps to be used with the 4-2ay carrying pack and you’ll get an accessory bag to keep all of the machine’s chargers and accessories in. Speaking of chargers, you’ll receive both a DC and an AC charger to ensure that you can always charge the battery of your machine. Finally, you’ll receive a 7 foot long single lumen nasal cannula that can be easily attached to the machine.

If you want to stay active and get moving, then this LifeChoice Activox 4L portable oxygen converter is for you! This portable oxygen machine can help you finally feel peace when exercising due to its large capacity oxygen delivery system and its tiny size. With this oxygen machine, you can conquer your favorite physical activity and finally start to feel like a younger, more energetic version of yourself.

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