Meet Our Customer Service Manager!

Samira is a Chicago native with over 12 years of experience in the Call Center industry. Her extensive background includes working in Law, Life & Health Insurance, Credit Unions, Banks, and is now our valued Oxygen Concentrator Store Customer Service Manager! Interested in getting to know Samira and our Customer Service Department better? Keep reading!

1. What does Customer Service mean to you? 

Samira:Customer Service means ensuring at the end of every meeting, phone call, and email the customer is satisfied with our service, and we have represented the company with class and decorum. Additionally, it means meeting and continually striving toward company goals and standards." 

2. In your opinion, what makes AMSR’s Customer Service better than our competitors?

Samira:We care! A LOT! And it's uncommon. Never have I worked for a company that cares and fights for our customers the way we do. We go above and beyond to serve someone! Plus, we recognize and respect the hard earned money our customers put into their oxygen concentrators.”

3. What’s the number one tip you’d give customers to make their experience easier?

Samira:Take care of your unit! You spent a lot of money on your concentrator. Protect it, care for it, and always call us before taking any action on "fixing" your unit.”

4. What’s the best part of your day?

Samira: “I and my team get great satisfaction from our customers thanking us for all we do by helping them resolve a problem. I also am getting back to basics by checking our metrics. I love seeing how far we have come!” 

5. What are some of the big things you see customers not doing correctly?

Samira: “Keeping their units or batteries idle, not cleaning dust on or around their units, and not changing their cannula monthly or at least every two months.”

6. Anything else you’d like our customers to know? 

Samira: “We care! I care! And take care of your unit!”

About Danielle Jason: Danielle is extensively trained oxygen specialist and used her oxygen therapy knowledge to write on products from leading manufactures such as Inogen, Respironics, Chart, Invacare and ResMed.

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