Living with Oxygen Therapy - Inspirational Stories and Images

Here are the inspirational stories from our oxygen therapy users. They are just as strong and free-spirited as they ever were and didn't know the meaning of giving up what makes them happy. They use portable oxygen concentrators to get around while getting the oxygen therapy they need.

We have put together inspiring oxygen stories and images directly from our customers. The stories include hiking at 6700 feet in Glacier National Park in Montana to Zip-lining in North Carolina to hiking Buzzard Roost; Ohio’s most spectacular view.

Get inspired as these real-life oxygen users share their personal stories. Here are oxygen therapy users sharing their inspirational oxygen stories and pictures.

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Linda in Glacier National Park Using a Inogen One

Linda, she is using an Inogen One Portable unit while hiking on Hanging Gardens trail in Logan Pass of Glacier National Park located in Montana! She and her husband enjoy traveling the country in their adventure full-time RVing retirement.

Logan Pass has an elevation of 6,646 feet and is located along the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park. The pass offers amazing wildlife viewing opportunities that include grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats.

Linda she is using an Inogen One Portable unit while hiking on Hanging Gardens trail in Logan Pass of Glacier National Park located in Montana!

Susan's Story with an Oxygen Concentrator

"Going to the zoo always means walking long distances to see the best exhibits and nothing could stop me when I carried my oxygen with me. I had COPD/Emphysema and as a retired Park Ranger/Natural Resource Specialist. It was my job to monitor our black bear population at our park. When I had to go to Duke Hospital to prepare for the transplant, I took my family and spent time with the animals at the Durham Life & Science Museum to enjoy my days waiting."

Susan visiting the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC.

"I had COPD, and with my oxygen, I was floating on air. The photo was taken just before I jumped from a platform on a zip-line and soared through the trees. Only what every disabled park ranger should be allowed to do!"

Susan before she jumped from a platform on a zip-line and soared through the trees

Ron Using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator in Bainbridge, Ohio

Ron was visiting Highlands Nature Sanctuary in Bainbridge, Ohio. The Highlands Nature Sanctuary is 2,200-acre hiking and nature preserve located in the heart of the scenic Rocky Fork Gorge of southern Ohio.

Ron visiting Highlands nature sanctuary in Bainbridge, OH

In addition to Highlands Nature Sanctuary, Ron hiked Buzzard's Roost in Chillicothe, Ohio. Buzzard's Roost Rock is one of the most popular trails in the Edge of Appalachia Preserve system. It stands like a giant limestone monument above the waters of Ohio Brush Creek, and the panoramic scene has been called Ohio’s most spectacular view.

Ron hiking in December 2014, Buzzard s Roost -Chillicothe, Ohio

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Published: March 6, 2015

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