Inogen One G5 vs. Inogen One G4 Concentrator Comparison

Choosing the right oxygen concentrator for your needs and lifestyle can be stressful, especially when it’s your first time buying one or it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded, Oxygen concentrators aren’t something you can go to the store and try on, which is exactly why we’ve created a guide on how to compare oxygen concentrators, in-depth oxygen concentrator reviews, and side-by-side oxygen concentrator comparisons.

To help you choose the right oxygen concentrator, we’re highlighting the two portable oxygen concentrators made by Inogen. We’ll give you a side-by-side comparison of both the Inogen One G4 and the Inogen One G5. Once you assess your individual needs, you can decide which machine is best for you.

Inogen One G4 vs. Inogen One G5 Flow Settings

Both the Inogen One G4 and the Inogen One G5 offer a pulse dose method of delivering air. And like all of the Inogen One oxygen delivery systems, both the G4 and G5 are built with Inogen’s Intelligent Delivery TechnologyⓇ that ensures oxygen therapy is delivered efficiently and effectively in all modes of use.

The two portable concentrators differ in the range of oxygen flow settings offered. The Inogen One G4 has three different flow settings, while the newer Inogen One G5 has double that, with six different flow settings. The flow setting you’ll need and use during the day, different activities, and while sleeping will be determined by your doctor

Weight and Size

Inogen’s portable concentrators are known for being the most compact and lightweight portable oxygen concentrators available. Their portability allows oxygen therapy users to continue leading rich and active lives, without the burden of a heavy oxygen tank or bulky concentrator system.

Both the Inogen One G4 and G5 oxygen concentrators weigh under five pounds, however; the G4 model weighs less than the G5. With a single (small) battery, the G4 model weighs only 2.8 pounds, while the G5 model weighs 4.7 pounds with that same battery. The G4 model is about seven inches tall, six inches long, and about three inches wide. The G5 model is a little more than eight inches tall, seven inches long, and about three inches wide.

Inogen One G5 vs. Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Battery Life

While the G4 weighs 1.9 pounds less than the G5, the G5 boasts a longer battery life. The battery life of the Inogen One G4 is up to 2.6 hours with the single battery and up to 5 hours with double battery. The G5 has one of the longest battery lives on the market — up to 6.5 hours with the single battery or 13 hours with the double — making it an ideal oxygen delivery system for on-the-go individuals.

The length of battery life will depend on which setting the machine is on, along with the size of the battery (single or double).

Inogen One G5 Battery Life and Power Power Consumption:

Inogen One G5 Battery Life and Power Power Consumption

Side-by-Side Unit Comparison

*includes single battery
Width: 7.19 inches
Depth: 3.26 inches
Height: 8.15 inches
Width: 5.91 inches
Depth: 2.68 inches
Height: 7.2 inches

4.7 pounds
2.8 pounds

Oxygen Settings
Continuous Flow: Not supported
Pulse Dose: 1 to 6 settings
Continuous Flow: Not supported
Pulse Dose: 1 to 3 settings

Battery Duration
Up to 4.5 hours with single battery
Up to 9 hours with double battery
Up to 2.6 hours with single battery
Up to 5 hours with double battery

Battery Charging Time
Approximately 2-4 hours for single battery
Approximately 3 hours for single battery

Noise Level
Around 38 decibels on a setting of 2
Around 40 decibels at a setting of 2

Maximum Oxygen Output
1260 ml/min
630 ml/min

FAA Approved

3 Year Warranty on Unit, 90 Day Warranty on Accessories
3 Year Warranty on Unit, One Warranty on Accessories

Additional Features

Both the G4 and G5 systems are designed for stationary use, travel, and 24/7 use. They both feature easy-to-read LCD displays and simple controls and are Bluetooth capable and fully integrated with the Inogen Connect App.

The G5 model comes with a carry bag that has a strap on it. The G4 model has a strap that attaches directly to the machine, along with a separate carry bag.

The Final Choice: Inogen One G5 vs. Inogen One G4

Inogen’s oxygen concentrators are among the top concentrators on the market, so you really can’t go wrong with either. Both the G4 and G5 oxygen concentrators are compact, portable, and easy to carry. Their small size and light weight makes either Inogen One model a great solution for individuals looking for the freedom and versatility to get their supplemental oxygen at home or on the go.

The G5 model is a little larger and heavier, but it offers twice the number of settings and 2.5 times more battery life than the G4 model. With a longer battery life and the highest oxygen output per pound of any portable concentrator, the Inogen One G5 is the perfect solution for people leading active, busy lives, and those who love to travel or be on-the-go.

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  • Denise Harmon

    We are looking for oxygen concentrator that can be used on the waist. Where as a fanny pack. G4 and G5 can both do that? He doesn't want one to carry on shoulder

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    Thanks for the info. Assuming you meant to type G4 (vs G3) in the last paragraph title “The Final Choice . . . “

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    This was very very helpful and helped me make my final decision. Thank you!

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    You state that the G5 has 6 settings. I use a concentrator that has 5 Liter settings. When I set it on 4, I get 4 liters Of oxygen per min. Do the settings on G5 represent a liter of oxygen per min

    • Sanket Jain

      Inogen G5 is a pulse-dose oxygen concentrator, it supplies oxygen after detecting the breath. What you have right now is a continuos-flow oxygen concentrator which supplies oxygen in a steady flow. A setting of 4 on Inogen G5 does not mean a flow of 4 liters per minute. Please consult with your doctor, what 'setting' on a portable oxygen concentrator would fulfill your needs.


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