Inogen One G4 Manual and Product User Guides

If you are a new user of the Inogen One G4 portable concentrator or someone who wants to learn about the unit, you may benefit from resource guides.

Included is the user manuals to help in learning about the unit, how to operate your Inogen One G4 and other important topics that include troubleshooting, maintenance, and accessory information including battery charging and operation.

Inogen One G4 Manual Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Intended Use, Contraindications and General Precautions
Chapter 2: Description of the Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator
Chapter 3: Operating Instructions
Chapter 4: Audible and Visible Signals
Chapter 5: Troubleshooting
Chapter 6: Cleaning, Care and Maintenance
Chapter 7: Symbols Used on Concentrator and Accessories
Chapter 8: G4 System Specifications

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Download Inogen One G3 Manual or Guides

Inogen One Battery Care and Maintenance Instructions

Please follow these important guidelines to maximize battery life and performance:
1. Always keep liquids away from batteries. If batteries become wet, discontinue use immediately and dispose of battery properly.
2. If using multiple batteries, make sure that each battery is labeled (1, 2, 3, or A, B, C, etc) and rotated on a regular basis. Batteries should not be left dormant for extended periods of time.
3. For long term storage, keep battery in a cool, dry place. Store with a charge of 40-50%
4. Battery model #BA-100 only, for use with model #IO-100
  a. Remove battery from the Inogen One while not in use.
  b. Once pr month: Fully charge the battery then discharge to 10% and charge back to full.

Note: Non-compliance with these guidelines will reduce battery life and may void your warranty.

Updated: Decemeber 13, 2018

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