Audible Alerts and Visible Signals for the Inogen One G5

The Inogen One G5 Portable Concentrator is a very communicative oxygen delivery system. The unit comes with several built-in visual and audible methods for keeping you up to date on its status, so you never have to worry about your oxygen flow.

Low to Medium Priority Signals

The display on the Inogen One G5 makes it easy for you to monitor its battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and alert volume status. Sets of icons display whether an external power source is connected or not and indicate the level of battery available. If the battery life reaches 10 minutes of remaining power, a lower priority alert will sound to make you aware of the situation so you can locate another battery or a power source. The great news is that the Inogen One G5 can reach over 10 hours of battery power with a double battery, on a pulse setting of 2, so running out of power is likely to be an uncommon issue.

During normal breathing, the display will show a green light each time a breath is detected. The smart system of the Inogen One G5 means that it can adjust to rest, exertion, and sleep without triggering any alerts. A medium priority alert will be triggered if there has been no breath detected for 60 seconds, which may indicate an issue with connectivity or cannula placement that needs

High Priority Alerts on the Inogen One G5

The combination of visual signals and audible alerts for high priority issues with the Inogen One G5 are hard to miss. If your concentrator runs out of battery, becomes too hot or too cold, or the battery overheats, you will see a flashing yellow light and hear a series of five beeps that are repeated every ten seconds. The detection of multiple alert conditions will also result in a high priority alert. There are a few cautions to observe when using an oxygen concentrator, but as long as you follow the guidelines, you can safely use your Inogen One G5 without worry.

Breath detection audible alerts can be toggled on and off, while priority alert volume can be set from levels 1 to 4 but cannot be silenced. Beeps accompanied by flashing lights are the highest priority and indicate conditions that require a response. The Inogen One G5 uses a complex system of algorithms and time delays to reduce the probability of false alerts while making sure that you’re aware of any potential issues.

Display Icons

The Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator LCD screen displays numerous icons such as power status, mode, informational and notification.

Power Status Icons

Icons shown in the display’s window when the unit is operating on battery power, and when operating from an external power supply and charging. Lightning bolt indicates that an external power supply is connected.

Inogen One G5 Power Status Icons

Mode Icons

Icons shown in the display’s window.

Inogen One G5 Mode Icons

Display Icons

Icons shown when pertaining to Bluetooth functionality.

Inogen One G5 Display Icons

Informational Icons

Icons that are not accompanied by any audible feedback or any visual change in the indicator lights.

Inogen One G5 Informational Icons

Notification Icons

Icons accompanied by a single, short beep.

Inogen One G5 Notification Icons

Low Priority Alerts

Low priority alerts emit 2 beeps with a solid yellow light.

Inogen One G5 Low Priority Alerts

Medium Priority Alerts

Medium priority alerts emit a 3 beep, repeated every 25 seconds with a flashing yellow light.

Inogen One G5 Medium Priority Alert

High Priority Alerts

High priority alerts emit a 5 beep pattern, repeated every 10 seconds with a flashing yellow light.

Inogen One G5 High Priority Alerts

Final Thoughts

The audible alert and visible signal system of the Inogen One G5 allows you to relax and trust in your oxygen concentrator to do its job without your help. The various levels of alerts are easy to recognize, and the system’s intelligent breath detection means that you won’t hear any disruptive beeps unless there’s an issue. Simply put, the Inogen One G5 makes living with a portable oxygen concentrator simple and stress-free allowing you to breathe easy.

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