An In-Depth Look at the Inogen G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a smaller and lighter concentrator than the original Inogen One portable concentrator. The Inogen One G2 was designed to eliminate the need for heavy oxygen tanks, offering oxygen dependent patients convenience and portability. The Inogen One G2 features a long battery life, with up to 8 hours of battery operated oxygen provided by the machine while you are away from home. This unique portable oxygen concentrator is a single solution oxygen system that is suitable for use at home, on the road and travel.


• The lightweight and compact Inogen One G2's fits into the palm of your hand, making it easy to take oxygen with you wherever you go without worrying about tanks and long cords.
• Never worry about running out of oxygen or tank refills.
• The Inogen One G2 is specifically designed to be the one and only oxygen system you'll need. It is approved for use at home, away, and travel and is FAA approved for use on all US airlines.


The Inogen One G2 is a lightweight, portable oxygen concentrator designed to transition seamlessly between your home, dinners and events away from home, and even travel.

This compact oxygen concentrator is made of smooth, white plastic and is designed to blend into your daily life. At just 10.7 inches by 9.5 inches and less than 4 inches deep, the streamlined Inogen One G2 is one of the smallest and most portable oxygen systems available on the market. The small footprint of the Inogen One G2 frees up space in your home compared to larger oxygen compressors and tank systems. Because of its small size, the Inogen One G2 inconspicuously sits behind a chair in your home, and can even sit on your lap or behind your shoulder at home or away.

The Inogen One G2 oxygen concentrator features a comfortable blue carry handle. This handle lays flat against the machine to be unobtrusive when you're not on the go, but is positioned for easy accessibility when you want to move with the oxygen concentrator. The smooth, rounded corners give this oxygen concentrator an effortlessly sleek look, and contribute to the streamlined design. The Inogen One G2 features a large, easy to read digital screen and large push button controls. This slender oxygen compressor unit features a removable filter that is concealed within the concentrator, but is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

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Dimensions: 3.9" Wide x 10.7" Deep x 9.5" Wide – Machine with battery
Weight Specs: 7.25 pounds with 12 cell battery
Battery Life: Up to 4 hours with 12 cell battery
Up to 8 hours with 24 cell battery

The Inogen One G2 was designed to be the only oxygen system you need. Because of this, the Inogen One G2 is a portable oxygen unit that easily transitions between home and away. Gone are the days of toting a portable oxygen tank behind you.

The Inogen One G2 weighs just 7.25 pounds with the 12 cell battery installed. Due to its light weight, this is one of the most easily portable oxygen systems available. Similarly, because the oxygen concentrator doesn't require a tank, carrying oxygen with you around town and while traveling is no longer a hassle and eliminates any concerns about running out of oxygen or replacing a tank.

The Inogen One G2 comes with included accessories to enhance the products portability and truly give you the freedom that other oxygen systems take away. Each Inogen One G2 oxygen compressor comes with a 12 cell battery that can last up to 4 hours between charges. This portable oxygen compressor also comes with a carry bag featuring shoulder straps to help you easily and inconspicuously carry your lightweight oxygen compressor and its accessories with you wherever you go. The Inogen One G2 is designed to be easily carried, but it also comes with a carry/travel cart and an accessory bag for use when it's not practical or possible to carry the compressor on your shoulders.

The battery life on the Inogen One G2 gives you the freedom. A 12 cell battery, included with the machine, offers up to 4 hours of oxygen away from home when fully charged. The optional 24 cell battery offers up to 8 hours of oxygen away from home when fully charged. A completely charged 12 cell battery, when operated on a lower setting, can last up to four hours. As the Inogen One G2 is set to higher flow settings, the battery might last closer to 3 hours. The battery is easily charged with the included A/C wall adapter, and can also be charged with the included DC car charger through your vehicle's DC power outlet. The 12-cell lithium ion battery takes about four hours to fully recharge on AC or DC power, and the 24-cell lithium ion battery takes about eight hours to fully recharge on AC or DC power. The Inogen One G2 charges while in use when plugged into AC or DC power, allowing you to charge your oxygen concentrator while you are on the road. Additional batteries are also available for purchase to increase the amount of time you can be away from home without access to a power source.

With the extended battery life of the Inogen One G2, you are free to enjoy your favorite activities and even travel. The Inogen One G2 is FAA approved for use on all US airlines. When equipped with the available 24 cell battery for up to 8 hours of battery use, the Inogen One G2 could conceivably run on just one fully charged battery for a day of cross country air travel. For example, with an eight hours worth of battery life, you could travel to and from the airport, wait in a a typical check-in and security line and still take a four hour flight from Orlando to Seattle on the Inogen One G2's batteries. Additional batteries and charging accessories are available for purchase, making it possible for you to travel without concern.


The Inogen One G2 features an innovative and easy to read display that conveys the real-time battery life left of your oxygen compressor, allowing you to plan activities, travel and outings accordingly. Oxygen flow with the Inogen One G2 runs on a pulse dose system with five settings (1-5) to suit a majority of patients in need of oxygen. The Inogen One G2 has five large and easy to read button controls for easy use. Turn the G2 on with one push of the power button, and quickly adjust the settings of the pulse dose system by pushing the plus or minus signs to move between the five settings.

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The Inogen One G2 comes with all of the accessories you'll need to use your oxygen system at home and to easily transport your oxygen system while you're on the go. Every Inogen One G2 comes with one portable oxygen concentrator, one nasal cannula, one traveling and accessory case, one universal power supply for AC power supply for use at home or in any standard electrical outlet, one DC power supply or use in the car or any standard DC power outlet, one 12-cell lithium ion battery for up to 4 hours of use, one traveling cart, and instruction materials. Inogen One G2 Packages that include extra 12 cell and 24 cell batteries are also available. Extra batteries are available for individual purchase, as well.

Due to our online pricing policies with Inogen we are unable to display prices on this page. We would be happy to answer any pricing or product questions you may have regarding this item. Please call us at 1-877-774-9271 and we would provide you with our "Guaranteed Low Price".

The Inogen One G2 is truly the only oxygen system you'll ever need. As an oxygen concentrator, the Inogen One G2 does not require an oxygen tank, eliminating worry about running out of oxygen while away from home. The Inogen One G2 comes with an included 12-cell lithium ion battery and a car charger for use away from home. The long battery life is great for trips to the zoo with the grandkids, and allows you to travel without worry. Its lightweight, streamlined design and easy to operate controls set the Inogen One G2 apart from other oxygen systems.

An In-depth look at the Inogen One G2

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