How to Sell a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

A portable oxygen concentrator allows its users to travel, sleep with comfort, and enjoy life’s adventures — all while supporting their health with oxygen. About 16 million Americans have COPD, which may require them to use a portable oxygen machine daily, some even 24/7.

Even though portable oxygen can be used by those with lung disease, there are many uses, and many oxygen users don’t need oxygen full time. “Oxygen therapy is used to normalize the oxygen level in blood during sleep, rest and activity and during acute illnesses in the hospital."

If you needed portable oxygen for a period of time but don’t have a use for it any longer, it is possible to sell a portable oxygen concentrator. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you’ll want to work with an expert to ensure you’re following appropriate guidelines as an oxygen concentrator is considered a medical device and it’s sale is regulated by the FDA. You’ll also want to feel safe when selling your product. Have an expert or certified repair facility test your machine to ensure it’s safe for the next oxygen user is a good idea, since you might also buy a used portable oxygen concentrator someday.

At Oxygen Concentrator Store, we offer two different options for selling your oxygen concentrator. The first is our buyback program, which will pay you for your machine. The second is a trade-in option.

Here’s Our Guide to Selling a Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

We Offer a Buyback Program

If you don’t need oxygen for an ongoing capacity, Oxygen Concentrator Store offers an oxygen concentrator buyback option. Our buyback program is best for those who won’t need another oxygen machine, so they are solely looking to sell and get paid for their oxygen concentrator. You start the buyback process by filling out a form about your machine. If your oxygen product is eligible for our buyback program, we’ll send you an offer. If you accept the offer, all you have to do is print your offer letter, sign it, then include it in the package you sent with the machine itself. Once we receive and extensively test and accept your machine, we’ll send your payment in the mail.

Trade in Your Oxygen Concentrator

Do you have a lightly used portable oxygen machine that doesn’t suit your needs? Or perhaps your doctor suggested another brand or model to better provide for your health and improve your quality of life. In this case, trading in your portable oxygen might be a great option for your situation. If you aren’t sure which portable oxygen concentrator is best for you, our experts can assist with matching you with the right product. However, keep this in mind: "Supplemental oxygen should be prescribed with the goal of maintaining an oxygen saturation range identified by your physician as the maximum and minimum range for you, both at rest and during activities."

Getting paid for your oxygen concentrator is easy.

If we accept your machine as being eligible for either the buyback program or as a trade in, you’ll be sent a prepaid shipping label, along with your offer letter. Our Quality Assurance Experts will extensively test and analyze your machine and ensure it matches what was presented in the signed offer. Finally if the machine is accepted, we’ll send you a check in the mail via USPS.

Not every oxygen machine is accepted.

At Oxygen Concentrator Store, our Quality Assurance team ensures that every portable oxygen concentrator is in great condition. This process confirms that all portable oxygen machines that are accepted as buybacks or trade-ins are at a high quality for the patients they will be sold to. This vital process has our consumers in mind, as we only sell the highest quality of products.

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12 thoughts on “How to Sell a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?”

  • Jane

    Looking to sell a onegen one oxegen machine. Bought it for a friend and he passed away. Machine is only 4 months old. Hand held machine small.

    • Ed Rodgers

      Hello Jane, Sorry to hear of you loss. Yes we do buy back machines. If you call our team that handles buy backs they can help you. If you call 844-327-2154 they will walk you through the process. Good Luck.

  • Patricia Baker
    Patricia Baker July 18, 2019 at 2:46 am

    Have an oxygen concentrator that was bought for my mother. She used it only for a few days and we had to put her in a hospital. She died a month later. We have no use of it.

  • Shauntel

    Hi I have 3 oxygen concentrators to sell all in good condition due to the mans recent passing there no longer needed :) thank u

  • Rita graves

    I have a inogen 3 portable oxygen macine. My mother has passed away. Its about 1 year old and has 2 batteries with it.

  • Adam Chastain

    I have a invacare platinum xl in new condition that is no longer needed please make resonable offer

  • CarmelAnn jarmie
    CarmelAnn jarmie March 14, 2020 at 7:39 am

    Have 3 month old inogen g4 want to sell. Person passed away

    • Sanket Jain

      Sorry, for your loss. Please contact our Buyback Team at (855) 838-0923 and they will provide you with more information.


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