How to Save Money When Purchasing an Oxygen Concentrator

Your doctor has just determined that you need to use oxygen therapy. If you're not sure what this means at first, you probably pictured yourself attached to a machine, along with a cumbersome oxygen tank that needs to be refilled and spending a fortune on liquid oxygen. Luckily, this doesn't need to be the case.

Oxygen concentrators are great, because they allow you easy access to oxygen in your own home, without the need for refillable oxygen tanks or the need to store liquid oxygen. An oxygen concentrator works by filtering the air around it into a high concentration of oxygen that you then breathe in through a mask or nasal cannula. They usually cost more up front than a machine that requires liquid oxygen, but they quickly make up for it in the long run. You would have a much more convenient, easy to care for machine that will provide you with the oxygen you need.

In addition, a portable oxygen concentrator can be taken with you anywhere, because it is much smaller and lighter than an oxygen concentrator that would only be kept in your home. These travel-sized versions have a battery that requires a re-charge after so many hours. These are worth the cost, especially if you refuse to let anything get in your way of traveling or enjoying a day out with your friends.

How can I afford an oxygen concentrator?

If you've decided that you want the long term savings and convenience of an oxygen concentrator, there are a few things you can do to take away some of the sticker shock.

You can purchase your oxygen concentrator on a payment plan. The medical equipment provider should be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you can trust that you are getting only the highest quality product for your money. You need to be able to trust that they will honor your payment plan and allow you to finance your concentrator. You can find a deal like a “90 days same as cash plan”, or a lease-to-own finance plan that includes interest. This will make it easy for you to have your oxygen concentrator delivered now, with the ability to make small, manageable payments.

Buying a used, refurbished oxygen concentrator will save you a lot of money, so much that you might just decide to buy it outright and skip the payment plan.

Look for discounts when you're shopping for your oxygen concentrator. Sometimes the prices posted online for a certain product are higher than what they are selling for. You will need to contact a sales representative so you can know what the going price is. A sales rep will also help you with any questions and talk you through the available discounts and payment plans.

To help make your purchase easier, one of the best things you can do is try to have a good chunk of change saved first before you start shopping. You might end up being able to pay off half the price, or even the whole thing if you had enough saved up.

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